Are you trying to lower your carbon footprint? We are too! Here are some ways that Reware Vintage is working to help make the world a little greener. 

Let's be real... Corporations are the main cause of climate change, and those companies need to be making changes to make a much bigger impact. That said, we think that even the small steps we take as people who care about this planet give us a sense of empowerment in ourselves and can encourage others too.

Why shop vintage?

Shopping used versus new (especially if "new" means fast fashion) is a great way to lower your footprint, and even more so when you shop used locally. By shopping vintage you:


In-Store Sustainability Practices

Watering plants at the store

Small Steps, Big Action

Not local to Metro Detroit?

Here's how we do our best to make shopping with us a better choice for you as well.

Packing up a shirt to ship

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