Copy of Screen Stars

You’ve probably noticed that I’m a big fan of Screen Stars brand T shirts – I point out in every Screen Stars T shirt in the shop that it is our favorite brand shirt! There’s a good reason I do that – Screen Stars are hands down the most comfortable T shirt ever made. This is the T shirt that every current manufacturer is trying to get their “vintage” T shirts to feel like, and no, none of them even come close.

I love their shirts so much that there are a number of T shirts in my collection that I liked but mainly kept just because they are Screen Stars 50/50s. I even work out in junky Screen Stars T shirts – they are so thin, they breathe great when I’m running!

There were actually a many different types and tags of Screen Stars T shirts made over the years. In the late 70s, when they were first made, the tag was orange, blue with a white star print, or white with a star print and either said “Screen Stars” or “Super Screen Stars”. These shirts are extremely hard to find -  in 15+ years of buying vintage T shirts I have only ever had a few!

Screen Stars 70s Tag

In the 80s, Screen Stars became one of the most popular blank T shirts used by screen printers. They made both a 100% cotton shirt and a 50/50 shirt – the 50/50 was far more popular, and so is now much more common to find today, and Screen Stars 50/50 T shirts are preferred by most vintage T shirt collectors. The Screen Stars 100% cotton and 50/50 tags look the same but the banner on the sides of the logo is blue on the 100% cotton, and red on the 50/50. The earlier version of these tags have the A in Stars with a scroll-y look. Later the A would change to a more straight version.