WRIF Stickers

WRIF Stickers

Detroiters of a certain age remember these WRIF stickers on every Trans Am & Fiero in town, and in your locker too. These stickers were given out at concerts for years in Metro Detroit, and if you couldn't get one in person they'd even mail you one if you sent a self-addressee and stamped envelope to the station.

We were thrilled to get over 1000 of these deadstock original stickers from 101 WRIF, the biggest collection we've ever seen in 18 years of selling vintage in Metro Detroit. They all came into our store from an avid music collector here in the area who got them from concerts over the years from the 1980s-early 2000s.

Get a huge hit of nostalgia and love for local Detroit radio with each sticker, and if you are local you can pop into our storefront to shop even more than what is here on our website!

While we can't guarantee they will stick due to their age, we also haven't had anyone tell us yet that theirs didn't.

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