Nightmare on Elm Street 5

Nightmare on Elm Street 5

I feel like you were either a Halloween or a Nightmare on Elm Street person back when I was a kid. I didn’t really know many people that were really into both. Me? Oh, I was a Nightmare on Elm Street girl. When I saw this T shirt pop up in my Instagram feed for sale, I couldn’t help myself and I bought it for a killer deal (did ya see that pun?!?)!

My original idea was to wear it a few times and then sell it, but when I put it on I knew I’d never actually do it. Then Robert Englund himself liked my picture of it on IG and it was officially never leaving my collection again. Now that my kids are old enough to look at me with horror whenever I put it on, I only wear it when they aren’t around me, which is hardly ever. Someday they won’t ask me “WHAT IS WRONG WITH THAT BABY?!?”, “WHY DOES HIS FACE LOOK LIKE THAT, MOM?!?” or “WHAT IS ON HIS HAND?!?” with terror and I’ll gladly wear it more again.

The Shirt: Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child

The Tag: Tag Cut Out

This T-shirt is from my personal collection and is not for sale. All items listed in the T-shirt archives are for reference only. You can see any Nightmare on Elm Street items we do have for sale here.