Denton’s Demon Dogs Raglan

Denton’s Demon Dogs Raglan

This is one of my favorites for years, that I scored over 20 years ago at a Salvation Army for $1. I love it for the Rocky Horror Picture Show reference, though it really isn’t one at all – Denton is both the town that Brad & Janet go to for their friends’ wedding, and also the name of a small township in northern Michigan.

Though the shirt isn’t subscripted, I’m pretty sure it is from the early to mid-80s, from the tag and the buttery softness of the fabric. I love it when the weather turns a little cooler, especially for Halloween time.

The Shirt: 1980s Denton’s Demon Dogs Raglan Shirt

The Tag: Miller 50/50

This T-shirt is from my personal collection and is not for sale. All items listed in the T-shirt archives are for reference only.