7 Seconds “The Crew”

7 Seconds “The Crew”

There are about 1000 reasons that I love the DIY Street Fair, and here’s one of them: Having a neighbor that randomly also has a vintage 7 Seconds “The Crew” T-shirt!

Mike Derrick of Cass Brand Organics bought his shirt back in the late 80s from Incognito, a indie store in Royal Oak that used to be THE place to go to buy a band T-shirt back in the 80s. He has held onto it all these years and still wears it today!

I got my shirt back in 1996, given to me by a friend Mike's uncle who’d had it for years. He just thought it was cool that some high-school-age girl that his nephew was friends with was into 7 Seconds, so he told Mike to pass the shirt onto me, and I loved it and have kept it ever since. I’m not really sure how old it is, since I didn’t ask him back then, but I would guess that it is from the mid or late 80s as well.

The screen print is different sized on our two shirts, but the same otherwise. The artwork is from 7 Seconds debut album “The Crew” which was released in 1984 and was a hugely influential album in the hardcore scene, and I’m sure this was reprinted for years. Neither of our shirts were subscripted, I wonder if it ever was?

Thanks to Mike for wearing it to DIY Street Fair and letting me share here!

The Shirt: 7 Seconds “The Crew” T-Shirt

The Tag: missing off of both of our shirts, but they both feel like Screen Stars 50/50

This T-shirt is from my personal collection and is not for sale. All items listed in the T-shirt archives are for reference only. You can see any 7 Seconds items we do have for sale here.