Thanks for a Great DUCF!

picture by Doug Coombe

So…Detroit Urban Craft Fair was incredible. INCREDIBLE.

Thanks to SO many people who helped us – Amy wrote a fantastic thank you to you all and I couldn’t have said it better myself, so I’ll just link to hers on the Handmade Detroit site, and tell you all one more time that YOU ALL ROCK!

Thanks also to the 8,000 people who came to shop and support the local artists, crafters and makers. It was record-breaking attendance, and we couldn’t have been happier to have you all come to this celebration of creativity!

Thanks to this year’s and all past vendors! You all dazzle me with your genius. Plus, I got some REALLY cool shopping done (not gonna lie, mostly for myself).

picture by Doug Coombe

Lastly, thanks to Amy, Carey, Lish and Stephanie for becoming my friend years ago and bringing me into this amazing community. I am so happy to be a part of it and part of the Handmade Detroit family!

I was just thrilled by my weekend selling, too! You guys really liked all my new stuff, and cleaned my shop out – dang! I’ll be sending some of what is left to the stores that carry my crafts and putting the last of it up in the shop over the next couple of weeks.

Oh, and here’s what I got! First, the traditional new print from Marcy at All Things Grow (we have 12 now), and a pennant from Warpaint Studio.

Painted little buildings from Fate and Coincidence

Bow from EmmyQuillo, and this fantastic ceramic airplane necklace from Claylab Detroit, who also made this year’s present to our vendors – DUCF coasters!

Finally, this awesome reconstructed vintage dress from Mended!

Seriously, thanks to everyone. You guys just made my day, week, month and year!