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Vintage Shopping in San Francisco: Static Vintage

Dan and I spent a few days in San Francisco this week, and I was lucky to have lots of shopping time one day to spend in one of the city’s best vintage districts, Haight & Ashbury. Not only fun to explore for the historical reasons, this area also had a crazy amount of awesome [...]

Luke, it is 3 am

Many years ago I bought this Darth Vader bank at a thrift store. It was cute at first – he came to life and moved his light saber around when you put a coin in, and he would say some quote from the movies, accompanied by that raspy Darth Vader breathing sound. It sat on [...]

Star Wars Mail In

Last week I watched a Star Wars movie marathon over a couple days, and then found this mail-in while cutting up the Star Wars soundtrack for this notebook. The mail in must have been made by the same company who sold Rocky’s T shirts. I’m not sure which one’s cooler…wait, what am I saying… Star [...]