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Our First Enamel Pin is Our Favorite T-Shirt Tag

For 13 years on, I’ve been praising the awesomeness of the 50/50 Screen Stars T-shirt. This 80s tee is arguably the best vintage T-shirt brand ever. Buttery soft and thin, it’s the T-shirt that new “vintage” tees aspire to be. If Screen Stars 50/50 T-shirts are your favorite tees too, now you can profess [...]

Oops Zilwaukee Bridge T Shirt

I just realized it’d been a LONG time since the last T shirt Tuesday post, and no, I’m not anywhere close to running out of T shirts to share in our collection. As a matter of fact, I just added 3 more last week to the closet, and here’s the first. Another treasure from my [...]

Poll: What Modern T Shirt is Most Like a Vintage Screen Stars 50/50?

I’ve said for years that my favorite vintage T shirt is a Screen Stars 50/50. Preferred by lots of vintage T shirt collectors around the world, these shirts were one of the most popular in the 1980s, and are incredibly comfortable, breathable, and durable 30 years later! The other day, a customer emailed me a [...]