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Happy Birthday, Roy!

It’s my little man’s birthday today! Hard to believe he is already two years old, but I spent this week looking back through my pictures of him the past year, and it is incredible how much he has grown!

15 Months

Roy is the most curious and fun boy right now! He learned “What’s that?” last week, and it is the first and last thing he says every day, with about 200 more in between. He loves reading so much, and his big animal book is his favorite – we’ll read it over and over through [...]

Mix Tape!

A few things we’ve been up to lately… Dan and I started making a list of places we want to visit/eat at/explore around metro Detroit…got a favorite restaurant, park, shop or scene we should check out? Let me know in the comments or email me! Our family went to Greenfield Village on Labor Day. Thanks [...]

A Day in the Life…

I thought it would be fun to show you guys a typical day in the glamorous life of a vintage clothing seller/mom (me). 8:00, get out of bed after a half hour of checking email/twitter/facebook/instagram/my to-do list for the day on my phone. Every time management person out there swears that this is a bad [...]

First Concert

Roy went to his first concert last night at the Detroit Zoo! We saw The Candy Band with a group of friends and had a great time. Can’t wait to see more concerts in the Wild Summer Nights Concert Series!

The New Toy

The new favorite toy in the house? The toy box. Roy empties it and happily climbs inside. It is his new favorite place to be!

Long Walks

Roy loves walking with his chomping crocodiles, but gets so upset when he reaches the wall at the other end of our home. The solution? Long walks down the sidewalk!