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Day 7 My Fashion Week

Final day of My Fashion Week! Today I am wearing a dress I haven’t worn since I was pregnant (see how I wore it then here). I love that it is great for year-round wear – sleeveless, so it is cool in the summer, but it is a thin terry cloth, so with a pair [...]

Day 6 My Fashion Week

It’s Valentines Day today! I hope you all are celebrating with someone special. Dan got me a really beautiful orchid – my first – and I’m gonna try real hard not to kill it. He’s also making us a special dinner tonight, so I thought it would be nice to dress up a bit (well, [...]

Day 5 My Fashion Week

Laziest day so far of MYFW. I’m just in one of those moods today where I want comfy shoes, warm clothes and my hair out of my face. I tried to dress up jeans and a T shirt a bit with a vintage cardigan and a little jewelry. Best I’m doing today! 1970s Space Dye [...]

Day 4 My Fashion Week

Day 4 of MYFW was my last day at Rust Belt Market. It was a fun weekend – I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow! I wore a brand new-to-me maxi dress with a plunging neckline and a hood! I love vintage hoodie dresses, and they are so hard to find that this is the [...]

Day 3 My Fashion Week

Today was a real cold one  - the high only got to 15 degrees, and we got a few inches of snow overnight! I needed to stay warm, so I wore this sweater dress, tights and my Docs to ward off slush and salt. Roy sported some jeans, two sweatshirts and his vintage Detroit Tigers [...]

Day 2 My Fashion Week

Day 2 of My Fashion Week, and I’m already wearing jeans. Well, today was my day to pack up nearly the entire site inventory and set it all up at Rust Belt Market for the weekend. Doing all that work, plus it was freezing out – I just wanted to wear pants. I think I [...]

My Fashion Week

I love reading all about New York Fashion Week. I subscribe to so many (too many) fashion blogs, and love reading all about NYFW, what is being worn on the runways and on the streets and how we can throw the lastest looks together at home. Admittedly, I am not the most fashionable person in [...]