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Vintage T Shirt Tuesday: Sonic’s Rendezvous Band T Shirt

Normally I only post T shirts from my personal collection in T Shirt Tuesday posts, but I’m making an exception here because this shirt is such a gem. It’s been a great pleasure having this very rare shirt in my workspace for some time, but it is time for me to pass it on to [...]

Oops Zilwaukee Bridge T Shirt

I just realized it’d been a LONG time since the last T shirt Tuesday post, and no, I’m not anywhere close to running out of T shirts to share in our collection. As a matter of fact, I just added 3 more last week to the closet, and here’s the first. Another treasure from my [...]

A Weekend in Grand Rapids

A couple weeks ago, Dan and I had a rare getaway weekend, just us. We went to Grand Rapids, Michigan which really is a fairly short drive from Metro Detroit (about 2 1/2 hours), but we’d really never checked the city out before for some reason. We had SUCH a great time! We stayed at [...]

Superior State

Back in the 1970s and 80s there was a push from many residents of the Upper Peninsula to separate from the Lower Peninsula of Michigan and become it’s own state named Superior, after Lake Superior. I’m very glad that the movement didn’t succeed, but also very glad to have this shirt as a memento of [...]

Mix Tape

Dan got me these white tulips after a particularly hard day this week. What an awesome husband I have! Favorite Reads: The 10 Commandments of Building a Loyal Blog Readership – a good way to stay focused! Perfect Laughter’s new posts “A Couple of Questions” – interviews with couples who work together in print and [...]

Love to Ernie and Moms

Ernie Harwell passed last week, and his passing felt like a family member’s in a way, because so many days on the farm, nights at the lake, family dinners and celebrations had Ernie as a guest, narrating the Tigers game as our soundtrack. My grandfather was the biggest Detroit Tigers fan I’ve ever known, and [...]