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Thanks for a Great DUCF!

picture by Doug Coombe So…Detroit Urban Craft Fair was incredible. INCREDIBLE. Thanks to SO many people who helped us – Amy wrote a fantastic thank you to you all and I couldn’t have said it better myself, so I’ll just link to hers on the Handmade Detroit site, and tell you all one more time [...]

DIY: Table Runner and Tray Set with Handmade Detroit

Carey, Lish and I each made a different version of a table runner and tray set for our homes thanks to Meijer. Wanna see all three and how we did them? C’mon over to!

Detroit Urban Craft Fair

Wow. It’s been a few days since the Detroit Urban Craft Fair ended, and I still am processing the awesomeness. Here’s all the reasons that this year’s DUCF was once again my favorite show of the year, and one of my favorite weekends of the year: My fellow vendors All the 4500+ shoppers! The Masonic [...]

Detroit Urban Craft Fair Preview

I’ve been hard at work getting Reware Vintage ready for this weekend’s Detroit Urban Craft Fair the past month, and here’s a sneak peek for those of you coming out to shop! I’ve got the biggest selection of colors in Record Earrings that I’ve EVER had! 17 colors, plus I brought back the sold out [...]

Detroit Urban Craft Fair Applications Closing Soon!

Hey crafters, look out! The application deadline for Detroit Urban Craft Fair is just around the corner – make sure to get yours in by September 25th. For more details and to apply, go to the Detroit Urban Craft Fair website.

My Favorite Craft Tools

Originally posted on the Handmade Detroit blog, where each of the members of Handmade Detroit are talking about their favorite craft tools in celebration of National Craft Month. To read each of our posts throughout the month, visit It’s my turn to talk about my favorite craft tools! And just like Lish in her [...]

19 Weeks

Ok, so this picture is actually a couple weeks old, not at my 19th week, but I just gotta post the funny/weird/traditional “Catching the Baby” picture that us Handmade Detroit girls do every time one of us is pregnant at a craft show (which is pretty much every craft show). I am extremely happy to [...]

DIY Street Fair, Thank You!

  DIY Street Fair ended late Sunday night, but I am still recovering – what a weekend! I had an awesome time meeting so many new customers, visiting with old friends, and checking out all the incredible bands and biz’s there! There were over 100 indie crafters, artists and businesses, and dozens of local bands [...]

Mix Tape!

Some exciting things have been going on here the last couple weeks! Detroit Urban Craft Fair applications are open! Baar Bazaar was featured in Velvet Rope in the Metrotimes (with a slightly wrong name). Photo by Esther Rubyan.

Craft Revival

We had a great time at Craft Revival! Dan and I were set up right next to each other, and surrounded by some incredible artists, crafters and sewers. Some of my favorites there were The Foraging Florist, Pinki Design, Jam by Hand and my neighbor Me and My Sewing Machine.