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Halloween Rocks from Reware Vintage

We’re in the Halloween spirit over here & made a mixtape playlist to prove it! Listen to the Halloween Rocks by Reware Vintage playlist on Spotify if you dare.

Thrifted Twin Peaks Costumes for Dudes

Looking for Twin Peaks costume ideas for ladies? Go back to part 1 of this guest post by Amber! РBethany Obviously thrift stores are the perfect place to shop for Halloween costumes. Yes, they have the random rack of prepared costumes. But there’s no sport in that! The only acceptable costume on this rack [...]

Thrifted Twin Peaks Costumes for Babes

I am incredibly thankful to my friend Amber for this guest post! This post is just for the ladies, but there is a guy’s costume post coming later this week too! K, now I’m off to binge watch Twin Peaks on Netflix… – Bethany Halloween costumes can be a challenge. No one likes to wear [...]

Vintage Halloween T Shirt

It’s just one of those Halloween jack-o-lantern T shirts everyone buys when they don’t have time (or care) to put together a Halloween costume, right? Right. Except this one is 30 years old! And is on that favorite T shirt for all (well, most) vintage T shirt collectors – the Screen Stars 50/50 shirt. So [...]

Easy DIY Halloween Wreath

A few days ago I took a quick peek into the Target “cheapie bins” in the front of the store, and I was so excited to see styrofoam wreath rings for just $1! I had an easy project in mind right away – a Halloween wreath for our front door!

Vintage Halloween Mask Maker Decorations

When I found this vintage Halloween Mask coloring book at a thrift store a few weeks ago I fell in love with a number of the masks inside! The artwork was so fun, I knew I needed to use some of these masks for decorations in our home! I didn’t want to color in the [...]

21 Weeks Old!

What a week for Roy! He got his first cold, with a little fever even. Grandpa Hahn got it too, on the same day…poor guys! Then Dan and I got it a couple days later…there were lots of sniffles going on in the house. Roy was a trooper through it, and even with a running [...]