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DIY Street Fair!

It’s one of my favorite weekends of the year in just a few days – DIY Street Fair weekend! You can find the Reware Vintage tent in our usual place – in space F1 – across from the main beer tent, and next to my friend Glass Action! This year we will not have vintage [...]

Thank You DIY Street Fair!

Thanks to everyone who shopped and visited with us at DIY Street Fair! As always, I had a total blast and loved our weekend there – one of my favorite weekends of the whole year! The music was awesome, the food was incredible and I loved shopping with my fellow vendors. Roy and I even [...]

DIY Street Fair This Weekend!

I couldn’t possibly be any more excited for this weekend. The next three days are DIY Street Fair! Reware Vintage is in our usual spot across from the beer tent, behind the WAB. I’ve got stacks of new T shirts and lots of new vintage apparel for guys, ladies and kids from the fall collection [...]

DIY Street Fair (My Weekend of Awesome)

Well, I just had an incredible time at DIY Street Fair. It took me days to recover and write this! *Please excuse the somewhat bad pictures* This is all I got to take of the weekend, while I was walking to or from getting lunch or dinner. Standards had to be lowered. The weather wasn’t [...]

Reware Vintage at DIY Street Fair this Weekend!

Reware Vintage is VERY HAPPY to be at DIY Street Fair this Friday, Saturday and Sunday! Find us in the best spot ever, right across from the beer tent (space 19). I’ll be happy to haggle and will have a whole bunch of brand new vintage, not even available on the site yet!

DIY Street Fair, Thank You!

  DIY Street Fair ended late Sunday night, but I am still recovering – what a weekend! I had an awesome time meeting so many new customers, visiting with old friends, and checking out all the incredible bands and biz’s there! There were over 100 indie crafters, artists and businesses, and dozens of local bands [...]

DIY Street Fair this Weekend!

DIY Street fair is this weekend, and I couldn’t be more excited! The fair is bigger and even awesomer than ever with more vendors added, another stage and even a FREE vintage ferris wheel to ride! Reware Vintage will be there in our usual spot, right next to Handmade Detroit and super close to the [...]

DIY Street Fair

I had the BEST time at DIY Street Fair! It was three days of hard, but really really fun work. I was so excited to see a TON of friends that stopped by the tent, and some awesome bands played the weekend’s soundtrack just over my shoulder. Some of the highlights for me? - Charm [...]

DIY Street Fair

I’m so excited that DIY Street Fair is this weekend! It is always one of my favorite weekends of the whole year. Reware Vintage has a tent chock full of vintage awesomeness for sale, I get to see a ton of friends, listen to some great local bands, and spend a lot of my earnings [...]

DIY Street Fair

Holy cow, what a weekend! I had such a blast at the DIY Street Fair – this is totally my favorite summer festival of the year. I couldn’t think of a more fun weekend – so many friends dropped by, I got to talk with a ton of repeat and new customers, drank the WAB’s [...]