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Four Months Old

Della is now four months old! She is taking in the world around her, more mesmerized and interested in everything lately. She is grabbing at the toys hanging on her gyms, loves watching Roy and I read books, and looks all around her when when we go for walks in the carrier. I think her [...]

Baby Necessities

I’ve had a number of friends ask lately what our “must haves” are as parents. When I was pregnant with Roy, I was very lucky to have two of my closest girlfriends go with me to help with our baby registry. They told me what they loved, what they didn’t like, and what was downright [...]

38 Weeks

Here we are, at the tail end of my 38th week and of being pregnant! I can’t believe how it has flown by, and I am very thankful that the past nine months have been fairly easy (or at least not too difficult) and healthy for both baby and me, and that Dan is such [...]

37 Weeks

Our whole household is getting ready and super excited for baby. Roy even pointed out a pregnant woman on the TV today and screamed “Beeeeee!!!”. We also gave Roy a baby doll a few days ago, advice from many of our friends so that he is more happy about the real baby when he or [...]

36 Weeks

36 weeks, otherwise known as the “exhausted/insomnia/exhausted/insomnia” week. Some days I nap, some days I’m the last to bed and also up early. It has been an incredibly fun and productive week, but I also would give just about anything to sleep for more than a couple hours without waking up, at any time of [...]

35 Weeks

35 weeks – almost there! Baby has moved down, and I can breathe (mostly) normal now, and am generally feeling pretty good, except when it comes to sleeping at night. Then last night I remembered the secret trick that helped me through the last few weeks of being pregnant last time – preemptively taking Tylenol [...]

34 Weeks

34 Weeks and I just want to hit the pause button. This pregnancy has had some ups and downs, but has been so fun and I can’t believe we are so close to baby being here! We are almost ready – just putting the finishing touches on the nursery, clothes are put away in the [...]

33 Weeks

At 33 weeks, I’m taking it a bit easier, I think. Taking naps most days now when Roy naps (yes, he is sleeping like a big boy now in his big boy bed!), and since there isn’t much time left for no-baby projects or fun stuff, I finished the curtains for the nursery, went to [...]

31 Weeks

Remember me saying last week that Roy is learning so much lately, and how happy he is most of the time? Remind me to never say that again. Not that it won’t be true in the future, but I obviously jinxed our family big time saying that. Two days later, both Dan and Roy got [...]

30 Weeks

2 Months to go! This week I’ve had 3 different people tell me how much I’ve “popped”. Oh, but there’s still so much time left for growing…am I gonna explode? Roy is now counting to ten and knows his colors and some letters now too. He loves holding my hand and pulling me around the [...]