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Thanks for a Great DUCF!

picture by Doug Coombe So…Detroit Urban Craft Fair was incredible. INCREDIBLE. Thanks to SO many people who helped us – Amy wrote a fantastic thank you to you all and I couldn’t have said it better myself, so I’ll just link to hers on the Handmade Detroit site, and tell you all one more time [...]

What We Kept

What I’ve thrifted lately that found a home with our family:

A Little Room Re-Do

A little room remodel took place this week in our living room! Inspiration started with the purchase of this amazing vintage couch – a find at the Royal Oak Garage Sale on my birthday last summer. 1970s, velvet, and ridiculously comfortable. Mirrors on the armrests?!? YES INDEED. I made the pillows myself, out of the [...]

Welcome Home – Our Living Room

I LOVE our living room! It is full of family items, vintage and handmade treasures and is a quiet little sanctuary to read in, or play with Roy. I am particularly proud of a lot of thrift finds in here, and the history behind so much of it. I found this vintage white leather couch shortly [...]