Mix Tape March

At the Moment:
March really came in like a lion as they say – we had a bad storm here and lost our power for 4 days. It was rough, but we had some awesome friends & family help us through it in different ways and when we finally got power back we sure appreciated it even more! Della had her last ballet class of the season & it was so fun to watch all the girls perform. Roy has gotten the Pokemon bug (I have no idea what he is talking about now) and Del got Moana fever all over again lol. I may have gotten it too – that movie is so great. Dan and I are training for our races coming up soon, and I am so happy to be running outside again now that the temps are above freezing.

Reware had a crazy great month with record breaking sales *thank you!* & a fun house call for buying. I debuted a big collection of vintage Sailor Moon items this week, and more T shirts and apparel for spring went in the shop in the last few weeks too. Just wait – there’s so much more coming next month, too!!

After a great response on some new pieces of record jewelry on Instagram, I’ve been making a bunch of new necklaces & earrings! They went out to a number of stores that carry them the past couple of weeks, and are going to go on the site in April! Head over to my Instagram to see some previews.

Listening to:
Depeche Mode AND Jesus & Mary Chain came out with new albums in March and I pretty much died and went to heaven. Also, Dan got me the reissue of Ben Folds Five’s “The Unauthorized Biography of Reinhold Messner” on vinyl – one of my favorite albums of all time. I got to see Jeff Rosenstock in concert and it was SO GOOD. It’s been a great month for music!

Della’s fav song of the month: How Far I’ll Go from Moana. I swear she sings this song to herself (and anyone else who will listen) 25 times a day, every day.
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What We Kept – The Return of the 90s

Have I ever told you guys the story of the Docs I’ve regretted not buying for the past 30 years? No? Well, it was a wondrous day when I walked into a TJ Maxx in 1995 and they had the Andy Warhol Doc Martens AND the snakeskin Docs there ON SALE. I only had enough money for one, and of course it had to be the Warhols. Now, I’ve never doubted that decision (as far as I’m concerned those are one of the best pairs of boots ever made), but I did wish that I could have gotten both.

And then, my friend Jeff found these. At a thrift. In my size. And texted me. Now, the love story is finally complete and we are happily reunited after all these years. THANK YOU JEFF!

Not nearly as dramatic, here is a Death T shirt that I have wanted for ages as well and while I never “wanted” a Party of Five soundtrack CD, I also can’t not buy it for 99 cents, so here it is.
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Happy Birthday, Micky Dolenz!

Happy belated Birthday to Micky Dolenz (it was actually yesterday, but better late than never)! The Monkees are one of my all time favorite bands ever since I was a little kid, and Micky was always my favorite of the band.

If you are a Monkees fan too, I highly recommend this vintage shirt from their 20th anniversary tour (I have this one in white & black in my personal collection).

Also, there’s a few Rescued Reads notebooks left from the Monkees collection I made and they all happen to feature Micky on the cover. This is just one of three different ones, check them all out here!

Shop For Planned Parenthood Today

50% of all profits today are being donated to Planned Parenthood in support of Day Without a Woman and International Women’s Day. Thank you for shopping with women-owned businesses, including this one, as much as you can!

Mix Tape February

At the Moment:
February was awesome. First, I got to hang out with some of my favorite crafters and friends at the Midwest Craft Con! There were some awesome classes and fun crafty shenanigans, and I also spoke on the “Craft Show Confidential” panel. Then the kids had mid-winter break and we had a few really fun days together after I got home, including a mini-road trip to Toledo. Then the month ended with seeing The Mummies at Third Man Records. It was a phenomenal show, and I was so glad to finally see them live.

Reware bonuses to the month: This was the month for the return of the WCSX Rock Swap, and it was another stellar time. I loved talking music all day to people & oh yeah, I sold a bunch of T shirts too. Also, in case you missed it earlier – we are now offering First Class Shipping on the site, and I’m so glad to see you guys taking advantage of that & saving you some money with that.

I knit a hat for me & for Della, and have started on one for Roy now too. It’s been many years since I knit anything, so I’m really enjoying getting back into it again in the evenings.

Listening to:
Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam, Camper Van Beethoven, David Bowie, Justin Timberlake, and the new Depeche Mode single – “Where’s the Revolution” over and over and over.

Della’s fav song of the month:
Jeff Rosenstock “Festival Song” – I’m on board with this one. It’s a damn good song.
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Shop with Reware at the WCSX Rock Swap this Saturday!

I’m excited to be back at the WCSX Rock Swap this Saturday at Oakland Mall! It’s a one-day show from 10am-6pm and I had a blast last year there.

I’ll have stacks of vintage tour T shirts, some band posters I discovered in my basement, Record Earrings & Embroideries and some other music oddities from our personal collection. Plus, some pals are bringing more goodies to sell on my table! There’s gonna be some great other sellers there too, with records, collectibles, concert posters & more – I’m sure you’ll find some real treasures there. Hope to see you there too!

Yay – Now Your Shipping is Cheaper!

I’m happy to announce that we now are shipping First Class Mail! If you are looking to save a few bucks on your order, just select First Class Mail shipping (may not be available for heavier orders). I still promise to put it in the mail as quick as I always have, and US orders will arrive should arrive to your door within a week.

Thanks as always for shopping with Reware Vintage. I am so happy to be able to save you some money to show my gratitude!

Mix Tape January 2017

At the Moment:
I’ve spent the last 4 weeks re-training myself to stop working in the evenings and on weekends, and to practice self-care every day most days. We’ve been cooking real food, I’m running nearly every day, spending more time with the fam & friends and *gasp* just trying to do LESS. It’s been wonderful, and I feel better than I have in ages and I’m really going to try to carry this through the whole year.

I also was proud to walk in the Women’s March in Detroit with my daughter. That day was a powerful and inspirational day for me, and I hope it was for you, too. Love & gratitude to everyone who marched, and to those who supported it in their own ways if you couldn’t!

Della started ballet (it’s completely adorable) and Roy is like seriously reading. I mean, really reading! Books and signs and comics and I can’t hardly believe it. How’d they get so grown up already?

Reware Vintage had a great first month of 2017. Big thanks to everyone who filled out the survey I posted earlier this month – I’ve been planning out 2017 and the answers from you all really helped me focus! There’s some great new stuff in the works, and I’m really excited to carry out all these ideas and plans.

I took a couple weeks away from making anything, but then I missed crafting way too much, so I spent a week making dozens of new record earrings – including a new style! They’ll be on the site soon.

Listening to:
This might be the most variety in a month yet: Visqueen, Taylor Dayne, Iggy Pop, Chook Race, The Trainspotting Soundtrack, The Vaselines, Fugazi, Jodi Whatley, Van Morrison, Bruce Springsteen, Patti Smith, Human Waste Project, Toad the Wet Sprocket, ZZ Top, Leonard Cohen, Robyn, and all the news podcasts I can listen to.

Della’s fav song of the month: “How Far I’ll Go” from the Moana Soundtrack – OMG, it’s a “kids’ song”! She’s been positively obsessed with Moana – we saw it twice – and that song has been on heavy rotation ever since.
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What We Kept: The Nostalgia!

A few more finds we just can’t bear to sell:

Just look at that Levi’s sweatshirt! All over Simpsons print shirt?!? This is now the second Jurassic Park shirt in Roy’s dresser, and that Mickey & Minnie Xmas shirt is the cutest thing ever. I wish I could find this vintage stuff in adult sizes.

However, a friend of mine did find this original Breakfast Club poster at the thrift & scooped it up for me! Thanks Courtney, I LOVE it.
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Tell Me What You Want, What You Really Really Want

Hello there! Can you help me out? It will only take 5 minutes of your time, and it will help me plan for 2017 in so many ways!

If you could, please click here to go to a 10 question survey. Tell me about yourself, what you like in the shop & on the blog, and what you would like to see more of.

Also – if you fill it out by end of day on Friday, January 14th, you will be entered in a giveaway for a $25 shop credit!

Thanks for your help, and as always, for shopping with me & reading the blog. XOXO – Bethany