Happy Holidays!

Christmas is almost here, and I’m finishing the decorating, making our menu for Christmas dinner, getting the last stocking stuffers and hopefully I’ll be wrapping the presents to go under our tree before 11pm on Christmas eve (highly unlikely, though).

From our family to yours, I hope you all have a wonderful holiday full of your own special traditions and favorite people. Thank you for shopping with my small business this year, and making my dream job possible!

I’ll be taking the rest of 2017 off from posting new items on this site, but will still be shipping out orders if you are treating yourself to a little something, and I’ll be answering emails. Otherwise, I’ll see you in 2018!

Shop Reware Vintage at Mitten Market This Friday!

I’m very happy to be selling at Mitten Market in the Royal Oak Farmer’s Market for the first time this Friday (December 15th). I’ve been hunting for some special items just to bring to this show to make my booth look just like Christmas when you were a kid.

I’ll have Fisher Price Little People sets, vintage board games and toys, Detroit and Michigan memorabilia, holiday serving ware and decorations, and vintage stockings! Did I mention the Christmas tree FULL of vintage ornaments from the 50s-80s!?!? Oh, and I have a rack of vintage sweaters, coats and sweatshirts too (and yes, I’ll have T shirts as well).

What else can I dig up in the next few days? Who knows! But here’s a sneak peek at a few of the things I’ll have with me.

Mitten Market is presented by The Detroit Mercantile and Real Detroit at the Royal Oak Farmers Market. There will be over 100 maker, vintage, artist, and food vendors there + Santa will be there to take pics with well behaved pups. Hours are 3-11pm, and there will be a bar open (woo!) See you there!

Shop Reware Vintage at Detroit Urban Craft Fair!

Detroit Urban Craft Fair is almost here! Detroit Urban Craft Fair is almost here!

Detroit Urban Craft Fair is December 1-3rd, and you can shop hundreds of Rescued Reads Notebooks, Record Jewelry and Rock & Roll Tarot Notebooks in our booth, right inside the door!

We are just one of over 100 makers & artists at Detroit Urban Craft Fair, and we are in amazing company there. There is truly something for everyone there, and you can feel great about shopping there as you support local & handmade. Check out all of the vendors here on the Detroit Urban Craft Fair website, and start making your list!

The Deets:
Detroit Urban Craft Fair
Masonic Temple, 500 Temple St, Detroit
Friday, 12/1: 6-9pm $10 admission
Saturday, 12/2: 10-8 $1 admission
Sunday, 12/3: 11-6 $1 admission

ps – Wanna see what I’m making to bring to DUCF? Follow @rewarevintage on Instagram!

Mix Tape October

At the Moment:

I was so excited to run my first marathon relay with a great team of friends. Our team name was Reservoir Jogs, and we tackled the Detroit Marathon together. I got to run the first leg, running over the Ambassador Bridge from Detroit into Canada and it was a beautiful run, watching the sun rise while I crossed the river!

To celebrate, I went and dyed my hair pink, which is equally exciting. I absolutely love it!

I’ve also been hard at work with my friend Carey at putting all the details together on this year’s Detroit Urban Craft Fair! This year’s DUCF is December 1-3rd at the Masonic Temple in Detroit, and I gotta say – this year’s makers are doing incredible things! I can’t wait to see it all in person. You can read & see more of the fair on the DUCF website, and on the Facebook event page.

Finally, I was thrilled to debut a collaboration with my friend Jeff of Subversive Image – a line of notebooks with Tarot Cards reimagined with Rock N Roll stars on the covers. Thanks to everyone who has bought one! If you want to get one for yourself or as a present for the holidays, come on over & get one in the shop. I’ve also put a ton of new T shirts & sweaters on the site this month. My favorite that is still available – this Dragon’s Lair T shirt, which I HAD to wait until the day Stranger Things season 2 debuted to load into the shop, of course.

ALL THE THINGS. I mean ALL THE THINGS, for the holiday season – hundreds of new notebooks, hundreds of earrings & necklaces, and maybe I’ll even sneak in some handmade gifts that I’ll be giving other people instead of selling ;)

Listening to:
It’s pretty much been Protomartyr “Relatives in Descent” and Beck “Colors” around here. They are both so great!

Della’s fav song of the month (because she is a music obsessed kid):
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Introducing the “Rock & Roll Tarot Notebook” Collection!

I’m super excited to finally share with you this collaboration that my friend Jeff & I have been working on – a collection of Rock & Roll Tarot Notebooks! It’s been a secret project for months, and I hope you love it as much as we do.

Jeff is an old friend of ours & also happens to be a mega-talented artist, the man behind Subversive Image, working with linoleum block printing. He and I had this crazy idea a few months ago of reimagining the major arcana cards of the tarot with our favorite musicians, and making notebooks of them. We had a really fun night figuring out who all we would want in our deck, and my head was swimming from all the possibilities.

Joey Ramone as The Fool and Stevie Nicks as The High Priestess were the first two icons we made. Jeff designed them, and he pulled so many great elements from Joey’s style & Stevie’s album artwork – did you notice her boots and tambourine are from Bella Donna? I was thrilled to make them into books and start using mine.

Oh, and the backs of the notebooks! Jeff designed them to look like the back of the Rider-Waite Tarot, but with musical elements instead of the traditional art. I couldn’t love it more!

We pulled in more elements from the artists on our next two; have you caught them all yet? The Transparent Anatomical Mannikin from “In Utero” is now cupid – wearing the crown worn on cover of “Live Through This”, looking down on Kurt and Courtney (and the Space Needle). Of course, Courtney had to have a Bean in her belly.
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Mix Tape September

At the Moment:
September is my favorite month of festivals – and I am happy to say I didn’t sell at a single one! I really enjoyed taking the whole family to Dally in the Alley, DIY Street Fair and Dlectricity + Dan and I had a date night at Eastern Market After Dark. They were all a lot of fun.

Roy and Della are happy to be back to School, and I’m so happy to be back to working more here on this shop with the extra time I now have back. Thanks for everyone who was equally excited that I’m back with vintage vengeance – September was an incredible month for sales & I can’t thank you all enough for supporting what I love to do! I promise to keep putting new amazing stuff in the shop in October and through the holidays – I’ve got a whole new collection of T shirts coming and some new handmade awesomeness too (more about that right below).

ALL the notebooks! My workspace has now turned into stations of books at different steps of being assembled. Stay tuned – in a couple days, a new line of notebooks – a collaboration with an old friend that I am thrilled about – are coming to the shop!

Listening to:
Marshall Crenshaw, LCD Soundsystem, The Blasters, The Time, and a steady stream of podcasts while I’ve been working.

Della’s fav song of the month (because she is a music obsessed kid): Going strong on the entire Teen Titans Go “Night Begins to Shine” album, but “Rise Up” is her fave song on it.
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Tennis, Anyone?

Sometimes I check out the local thrift and find a deadstock vintage T shirt, cardigan or dress. Exciting!

Sometimes I check out the local thrift and find stacks of deadstock vintage Tennis ribbon. Not so exciting.

Happy Birthday, He-Man!

It’s He-Man’s birthday today! He-Man (the TV show, that is) first debuted on September 5th, 1985, making it 33 years old today.

Coincidentally, this is also the first day back to school and I feel like shouting “I HAVE THE POWER!” right now.

Mix Tape August

At the Moment:
It’s the last full month of summer, and we’ve been packing ALL the summer things in – trips to the pool, trips to the water park, watching baseball, hangouts with pals at the park, road trips to other zoos, and hiking in the woods. Oh, and one more thing to pack in – selling at my last two summer festivals – DIYpsi and Heidelberg Project’s block party. Then I got to see my all time favorite band, Depeche Mode, on tour & it was INCREDIBLE, and watch Paul Frank give a presentation at The Henry Ford. Each of these things were really fun in their own ways, and I’m really gonna miss all the time together we get as a family & with our friends in the summer. Oh, and I almost forgot – Roy lost his first tooth, learned how to tie his own shoes & learned to ride his big kid bike all in the same week!

School starts again this week, and so does more time for me to work on the shop – which is very exciting! I’ve already been photographing new stuff for fall, and some has been appearing slowly…expect a lot more starting next week!

I made a custom David Bowie Record Embroidery for a friend, and worked a bit on knitting a hat for another friend. Unfortunately, one of my machines that I use for my handmade notebooks needed repair, but I’m happy to report it is all fixed and ready to go, so lots of notebooks are getting made in September, and more Record Jewelry too!

Listening to:
HAIM “Something to Tell You”, The Raveonettes “2016 Atomized”, Protomartyr, Tom Petty, Prince, Sloan, and LOTS of Depeche Mode for days before & after the concert. My favorite podcast of the month was Jon Cryer on My Favorite Album with Jeremy Dylan, talking about Radiohead’s “OK Computer” – I highly recommend!

Della’s fav song of the month (because she is a music obsessed kid):
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