“What We Kept” Archive

What We Kept: All Mine

Sometimes my kids and husband make out with all the vintage finds for weeks. This month, I was able to cross a couple of desperate wants off of my list and even get crafty with a vintage save. Vintage LL Bean winter boots! In my size! Now I can be outside this winter and hate [...]

What We Kept: Estate Sale WHOA

On this edition of What We Kept, ALL THIS STUFF CAME FROM THE SAME PLACE. And this isn’t even everything that I brought home, this is just what I’m personally keeping (other finds will be going into the shop, will be remade into something else for the shop). BIG thanks to my friend who was [...]

Vintage Sewing Supplies

September is National Sewing Month, and I thought I’d share some of my favorite vintage sewing supplies here to celebrate! Not only are these needles still great to use, the package design on each is so fantastic! This tiny handmade sewing travel kit is a favorite estate sale find from years ago, and I just [...]

What We Kept! Summer Dream Haul

Between a two day buying trip for the shop, and a couple local thrift shops I have SO much new to put in the shop, and you know I also ended up finding some new favorite things for us, too! I am so twitterpated with this vintage Levis tank I found and Dr Pepper shirt [...]

What We Kept – Thrift Scores Galore!

Even though there hasn’t been a lot of vintage hunting going on, the finds are finding us! Some of the crazy scores we’ve kept lately… A gift from our neighbor! This was her daughters’ when they were kids in the 1970s. Discovered a rare Nirvana shirt in the wild and a 1980s Levis flannel for [...]

What We Kept, Spring Shopping

The vintage hunting has been ultra-light right now as I am working mega-overtime on wholesale notebook and jewelry orders, but I still managed to find these gems for our kids! Those shorts are just the best ever, I want them for meeee.

What We Kept

The last buying trip a couple weeks ago was great for the web shop, and for our family too! A few of our keepers: A new sweater for me! Cozy + vintage + aztec = all mine. Perfect paint by numbers for the play room! For Della, screaming “Wear me on St Patricks Day!” And [...]

What We Kept

I know, I know…you aren’t supposed to buy things for yourself right before Christmas, right? This doesn’t apply because it is thrifted though. I mean, what are the chances anyone was going to find any of this for us? This spider plant mirror is gonna be so great in my workspace! One of the best/worst [...]

What We Kept

While the vintage and thrift hunting has been light lately, I’ve still managed to score some finds for our family. Here’s what we’ve stashed away in our home instead of in the shop. I finally found the perfect vintage hat for myself. And even better guys, it’s Esprit! An old AV Cart became a great [...]

What We Kept

Last week’s buying trip was a big success, both for the site & our family’s collections: Vintage Healthtex and books Why does the Alf shirt say “Fast”? It doesn’t matter. Its an Alf shirt. Don’t worry, I got TWO of that Michigan Panthers T shirt. One coming to the shop soon, lemme know if you [...]