“What We Kept” Archive

What We Kept – The Return of the 90s

Have I ever told you guys the story of the Docs I’ve regretted not buying for the past 30 years? No? Well, it was a wondrous day when I walked into a TJ Maxx in 1995 and they had the Andy Warhol Doc Martens AND the snakeskin Docs there ON SALE. I only had enough [...]

What We Kept: The Nostalgia!

A few more finds we just can’t bear to sell: Just look at that Levi’s sweatshirt! All over Simpsons print shirt?!? This is now the second Jurassic Park shirt in Roy’s dresser, and that Mickey & Minnie Xmas shirt is the cutest thing ever. I wish I could find this vintage stuff in adult sizes. [...]

What We Kept – Fall Finds

This fall we’ve been on a big purge of our home & closets, but I’ve managed to add a bit as I sell a lot! First, this incredible 1990s italian jacket to add to my red coat collection! This vintage deadstock Pink Floyd baseball cap from their Division Bell tour. I went to the Detroit [...]

What We Kept – Three Favorite Finds

It’s not a lot of finds, but 3 SERIOUSLY good ones we kept in the last couple months! Roy randomly saw this belt while we were walking through a thrift shop trying to find a couch. He LOVED it, and the crazy thing is that when we showed Dan that evening he was just as [...]

What We Kept – Summer Finds

I haven’t had time to hit the road lately for vintage hunting, but check out the finds I grabbed up at a couple of my local thrifts! Sandman is my all time favorite comic book. I still have my Sandman poster from high school, and I can’t wait to hang it up with this new-old [...]

What We Kept – Finds from the 1930s – 1990s

It’s been a light on time out hunting for vintage lately, but I’ve still managed to score some great stuff for my closet & our home: These 3 T shirts! A Ben Folds Five “Reinhold Messner” tour T shirt has been on my wish list for so long, so I was thrilled to find one [...]

What We Kept, Something for Everyone Edition

A few lucky months for digging, and the whole family got some stuff! My pal Jen took me to a new spot I’d never been to, and I grabbed up a whole bunch of vintage cards & stationary! A dead stock 90s Hard Rock Cafe sweatshirt from Toronto for me, and a 1986 Celtics ringer [...]

What We Kept, Winter Scores

I got to go on a 2 day buying trip during the holidays, and picked up a ton for the shop (much of it coming the next couple weeks to the site), and some fun finds for our family too! I want these both in my size! Della will get a choice for a new [...]

What We Kept: All Mine

Sometimes my kids and husband make out with all the vintage finds for weeks. This month, I was able to cross a couple of desperate wants off of my list and even get crafty with a vintage save. Vintage LL Bean winter boots! In my size! Now I can be outside this winter and hate [...]

What We Kept: Estate Sale WHOA

On this edition of What We Kept, ALL THIS STUFF CAME FROM THE SAME PLACE. And this isn’t even everything that I brought home, this is just what I’m personally keeping (other finds will be going into the shop, will be remade into something else for the shop). BIG thanks to my friend who was [...]