“What We Kept” Archive

What We Kept This Summer (So Far)

A couple house calls, a thrift trip and a few lucky garage sales lately all added up to some great finds for the shop for the summer & fall collections…and also a few finds for our family! First up – 1970s & 1980s stripes for me! And this 80s leopard maxi skirt. I love this [...]

What We Kept Mini Post

I’ve been working hard buying and photographing a TON of new vintage coming to the site, but I wanted to give you a sneak peek at a few things I kept! First, a Missoni for Target dress (2nd from left)! It’s not vintage, but I missed out on everything from this collection except a pair [...]

What We Kept – The Return of the 90s

Have I ever told you guys the story of the Docs I’ve regretted not buying for the past 30 years? No? Well, it was a wondrous day when I walked into a TJ Maxx in 1995 and they had the Andy Warhol Doc Martens AND the snakeskin Docs there ON SALE. I only had enough [...]

What We Kept: The Nostalgia!

A few more finds we just can’t bear to sell: Just look at that Levi’s sweatshirt! All over Simpsons print shirt?!? This is now the second Jurassic Park shirt in Roy’s dresser, and that Mickey & Minnie Xmas shirt is the cutest thing ever. I wish I could find this vintage stuff in adult sizes. [...]

What We Kept – Fall Finds

This fall we’ve been on a big purge of our home & closets, but I’ve managed to add a bit as I sell a lot! First, this incredible 1990s italian jacket to add to my red coat collection! This vintage deadstock Pink Floyd baseball cap from their Division Bell tour. I went to the Detroit [...]

What We Kept – Three Favorite Finds

It’s not a lot of finds, but 3 SERIOUSLY good ones we kept in the last couple months! Roy randomly saw this belt while we were walking through a thrift shop trying to find a couch. He LOVED it, and the crazy thing is that when we showed Dan that evening he was just as [...]

What We Kept – Summer Finds

I haven’t had time to hit the road lately for vintage hunting, but check out the finds I grabbed up at a couple of my local thrifts! Sandman is my all time favorite comic book. I still have my Sandman poster from high school, and I can’t wait to hang it up with this new-old [...]

What We Kept – Finds from the 1930s – 1990s

It’s been a light on time out hunting for vintage lately, but I’ve still managed to score some great stuff for my closet & our home: These 3 T shirts! A Ben Folds Five “Reinhold Messner” tour T shirt has been on my wish list for so long, so I was thrilled to find one [...]

What We Kept, Something for Everyone Edition

A few lucky months for digging, and the whole family got some stuff! My pal Jen took me to a new spot I’d never been to, and I grabbed up a whole bunch of vintage cards & stationary! A dead stock 90s Hard Rock Cafe sweatshirt from Toronto for me, and a 1986 Celtics ringer [...]

What We Kept, Winter Scores

I got to go on a 2 day buying trip during the holidays, and picked up a ton for the shop (much of it coming the next couple weeks to the site), and some fun finds for our family too! I want these both in my size! Della will get a choice for a new [...]