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Party Paper Inspiration

  Looking for an easy, handmade, and unisex party theme? Check out my latest post on the Handmade Detroit blog!

DIY: Spring Colors Wall Art

Remember in the 80s, when fashion experts would ask what “season” you were? I remember this being a huge trend – identifying if you were a Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter and only buying clothes within your season’s palette. I found this set of cards at the thrift store one day, with a booklet to [...]

How to Upcycle Vintage Valentines

Last week I visited Arts and Scraps and got a stack of vintage cards (along with some other crafty treasures) for just a few bucks. Some were already signed and sent to loved ones, but just a couple of minutes and some creative cutting & pasting gave them a second life and postmark! All I [...]

DIY: Handmade Kitchen Towels

Last week I was very happy to attend a my first demo at Haberman Fabrics in Royal Oak, where they showed us a very easy linen tea towel DIY. After making my first set I’d like to announce that I am officially in love with making my own towels, and I’m pretty sure I’ll be [...]

DIY: Vintage Flash Card Christmas Banner

Months ago I stumbled upon a big box of pronunciation-teaching flash cards from the 1960s for just 1 dollar at a local thrift store. Since then I’ve used one here and there for an occasional craft, but I hoped & was happy to discover that there were all the letters I needed inside to make [...]

DIY: Record Jacket Gift Tags

One of the crafts I love to make each year at Christmas time is gift tags. Now there are so many different things that can easily be made into gift tags, but my favorite is (of course) record jackets! Christmas albums are plentiful at thrift stores and local record stores for cheap, and this is [...]

Easy DIY Halloween Wreath

A few days ago I took a quick peek into the Target “cheapie bins” in the front of the store, and I was so excited to see styrofoam wreath rings for just $1! I had an easy project in mind right away – a Halloween wreath for our front door!

Vintage Halloween Mask Maker Decorations

When I found this vintage Halloween Mask coloring book at a thrift store a few weeks ago I fell in love with a number of the masks inside! The artwork was so fun, I knew I needed to use some of these masks for decorations in our home! I didn’t want to color in the [...]

Fresh Herbal Air

Things are cooling off here in Michigan, but all my herbs are still growing in our garden, and are more than we could ever possibly use. They smell so amazing that it occurred to me to cut them and use them just like fresh flowers around our home, and they look just as lovely as [...]

Vintage Fabric Gift Wrap

How do you wrap a wedding shower present for Lish and Nick – a couple who love all things cooking, vintage and crafty? I used a vintage kitchen tablecloth fabric, “taped” together with safety pins and wrapped with butcher’s twine. I even added a little fold on top to hold their card (a tip I [...]