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Favorite DIYs for National Craft Month

Did you know March is National Craft Month? In case you didn’t notice, I’m kind of crazy about making stuff over here. To celebrate, here’s some of my favorite craft posts from the blog over the years! Spare Parts Chevron Necklace Nautical Potted Succulents Ruffled Flower Corsages

DIY Big Eyes Inspired Felt Art

After a Handmade Detroit hangout to see Big Eyes, Carey & I both decided we needed to make our own Big Eyes inspired art! I had a vision of making a “Big Eyes” from felt, and putting it in a kitschy vintage frame. The whole project didn’t take long once I’d found the perfect frame [...]

6 Easy Sewing DIYs from Reware Vintage

Did you know September is National Sewing Month? If you are looking for a project to celebrate, here’s 6 from the Reware Vintage blog archives. Baby Leggings made from a T Shirt Handmade Linen Kitchen Towels Ruffled Fabric Corsage

DIY: Bright Nautical Potted Succulents

On my latest visit to Ikea, I spotted their Socker plant pots for just $1. I loved the bright colors, but wanted to cute them up a bit with a quick DIY. These bold colors made me think summer nauticals, and I had idea in mind right away! Have some old pails or planters in [...]

Mother’s Day Embroidery Craft

I shared my family embroidery over on the Handmade Detroit blog for a quick Mother’s Day gift idea. Go on over & check it out!

DIY Baby Leggings from T Shirts

I found the most awful shirt the other day at the thrift store. A combination that was so bad – MOCK TURTLENECK & SHORT SLEEVED. But it was on the cutest jersey covered with bunnies and Easter eggs…just not something a grown adult should EVER wear. So I rescued this shirt for 80 cents and [...]

DIY: Etched Milk Jar Vase

I’ve kept a number of glass milk jars we’ve gotten over the years from the grocery store. I love the look of them, and think they make cute vases around the house in the summer. But I wanted to fancy one up a bit for spring, so I tried etching for the first time, and [...]

DIY: Table Runner and Tray Set with Handmade Detroit

Carey, Lish and I each made a different version of a table runner and tray set for our homes thanks to Meijer. Wanna see all three and how we did them? C’mon over to HandmadeDetroit.com!

DIY Vintage 7 Inch Record Case Revamp

My poor 7 inch case. After nearly 20 years of being in my possession, it was exceptionally trashed. Probably because for the past two years we’ve used it as a doorstop in our bedroom. But I still loved it. I knew I could save it. It might be some major surgery, but it could be [...]

Vintage Bar Cart Revamp

I’ve been wanting a vintage bar cart to have in the shop studio (i.e. our basement) for quite a while. Then I stumbled across the perfect one at an estate sale! I know, it doesn’t look so good here, but I knew with a little work and $10 spent at the hardware store, it would [...]