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Rooster Tie Company Update

For those of you who loved the Tag Thursday posts I used to write (and I do intend to start this series back up when I have more time to write and research), I updated the Tag Thursday post on the Rooster Tie Company brand earlier this week with some very special insight into the [...]

B.U.M. Equipment

After scoring a couple BUM Equipment sweatshirts lately for the shop, I wondered if there was a good story behind BUM Equipment like there was for the IOU brand, and searched the interwebs for any background on the label. My first question – what did B.U.M. stand for? According to their official website, B.U.M. doesn’t [...]

Rooster Tie Company

I’m completely embarrassed to have not written a new Tag Thursday post in nearly 6 months. I really am gonna try to write these more often!¬† I’ve have a number of people tell me that these were their favorite posts to read – sorry to you guys especially! For this Tag Thursday, I wanted to [...]


For this Tag Thursday, I’m not going to cover a “tag” tag, but a brand all the same! Last week I talked with a thrift store employee about Monet jewelry, and realized I actually didn’t know much about the brand myself. Since I’m researching it anyway, why not share what I learn with you? I [...]

Miss K

Now, there are two different Miss K brands in the vintage world. One is a line by the wonderful Alfred Shaheen – a juniors, more casual line that is fantastic, and I own a few of those in my wardrobe. The other line is not…it’s actually a knit juniors line by Kmart. Their RN number [...]

Screen Stars

You’ve probably noticed that I’m a big fan of Screen Stars brand T shirts – I point out in every Screen Stars T shirt in the shop that it is our favorite brand shirt! There’s a good reason I do that – Screen Stars are hands down the most comfortable T shirt ever made. This [...]

Adrienne Vittadini

Adrienne Vittadini is both a wonderful designer, and a brand. The woman, originally from Hungary, began her career designing  in 1967 for Sport Tempo, then for Rosanna (owned by Sport Tempo), where she had her own line called Adrienne for SW1 until 1971. In 1976 she began working for Kimberly Knits, until she established her [...]

Jonathan Logan

Jonathan Logan was founded in 1944, and grew in popularity from the 50′s through the 70′s. Known for producing quality, classic dresses for young women, the brand was carried in many department stores and was highly respected. It spawned many different labels in it’s history – most notably, Youth Guild in 1948, Butte Knits in [...]

Sunshine Alley

Today I thought I’d post about a brand I pretty much know nothing about – Sunshine Alley. I’ve found a number of their dresses over the years, all from the 70′s and 80′s. Unfortunately, I’ve never been able to find out any information on the brand! Some of my favorites we’ve had over the years [...]


Pendleton began in 1909 when three brothers re-engineered a factory in Pendleton, Oregon to produce blankets, then robes and coats in 1924. The Men’s coats came in bold, bright colors and were quite popular, so they expanded the line to cover all men’s sportswear. In 1949, the family expanded it’s offerings and began manufacturing women’s [...]