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Vintage T Shirt Tuesday: Sonic’s Rendezvous Band T Shirt

Normally I only post T shirts from my personal collection in T Shirt Tuesday posts, but I’m making an exception here because this shirt is such a gem. It’s been a great pleasure having this very rare shirt in my workspace for some time, but it is time for me to pass it on to [...]

Vintage T Shirt Tuesday: Siouxsie and the Banshees Peepshow Tour T Shirt

That moment when you are at a vintage sale and you see a shirt you had in high school and somehow don’t have anymore… It was a glorious day 5 years ago when I saw this and a 10,000 Maniacs Tour T shirt (not this one, another one I haven’t posted yet) together at a [...]

Vintage T Shirt Tuesday: Denton’s Demon Dogs Raglan

An apropo shirt for October, right? This is one of my favorites for years, that I scored almost 20 years ago at a Salvation Army for $1. I love it for the Rocky Horror Picture Show reference, though it really isn’t at all – Denton is both the town that Brad & Janet go to [...]

Vintage T Shirt Tuesday: Rocking Roach T Shirt

I took the summer nearly off thrifting as we have been lucky to get a number of personal collections of T shirts this year brought to us, but I had a spare hour while I was out of town one day and hit a Sal’s where I found this mega rad Roach iron on T [...]

Detroit Pistons Bad Boys 89-90 Back to Back Championship T Shirt

With a dad who probably has at least a dozen vintage Pistons T shirts from the Bad Boys era, you know the kids have to have some too. That’s why we have 2 of these classic 1989/1990 Back to Back Championship T shirts in our home – one for Roy & one for Della. They [...]

Vintage T Shirt Tuesday: Star Wars

It’s almost Star Wars Day (May the 4th), so it seems appropriate to show & tell my vintage Star Wars T shirt for this edition of Vintage T Shirt Tuesday, eh? I got this T shirt in my super-rad haul from Static Vintage in San Fransisco when I went last year. Remarkably, this is the [...]

Vintage T Shirt Tuesday: Art of Noise T Shirt

It was one of the “holy grail” T shirts on my search list – a black shirt for The Art of Noise. Really, I just wanted anything that wasn’t a white shirt. I have one for their album “In Visible Silence”, which seems to be the T shirt that I saw 98% of the time [...]

Vintage T Shirt Tuesday: Nightmare on Elm Street 5 T Shirt

I feel like you were either a Halloween or a Nightmare on Elm Street person back when I was a kid. I didn’t really know many people that were really into both. Me? Oh, I was a Nightmare on Elm Street girl. When I saw this T shirt pop up in my Instagram feed for [...]

Oops Zilwaukee Bridge T Shirt

I just realized it’d been a LONG time since the last T shirt Tuesday post, and no, I’m not anywhere close to running out of T shirts to share in our collection. As a matter of fact, I just added 3 more last week to the closet, and here’s the first. Another treasure from my [...]

Vintage Shopping in San Francisco: Static Vintage

Dan and I spent a few days in San Francisco this week, and I was lucky to have lots of shopping time one day to spend in one of the city’s best vintage districts, Haight & Ashbury. Not only fun to explore for the historical reasons, this area also had a crazy amount of awesome [...]