“Our Home” Archive

Our Christmas-ed Home

It’s been a quite a busy season, but as it is wrapping up and winding down, we’ve definitely been getting in the holiday spirit over here! We’ve been decorating, crafting, cooking and enjoying the snow here in Michigan. I thought it’d be a great time to show you how our home is decorated for Christmas! [...]

Silhouette Craft

March is National Craft Month, and so why not learn a new craft to celebrate? My friend Amy and I took a one-evening class on making silhouettes at The Community House in Birmingham, Michigan and had a lot of fun. The craft was a pretty comfortable project (especially with a glass of wine) and our [...]

Our Home at Christmas

While quite a lot of our Christmas decor is put away for this year (not really toddler proof), we do have some of our favorites out and getting us in the holiday spirit! Our Christmas blocks from Uncle Goose A vintage handmade wreath passed down from my father

Garden Planning and Planting

This weekend I am working in our vegetable and herb garden! This will be our fourth year with a garden, and I’m hoping this will be our best producing garden yet. Thanks to some advice from gardening friends and a very helpful book, “Carrots Love Tomatoes” by Louise Riotte, I planned it all out last [...]

Welcome Home: Bedroom Makeover

A few weeks ago, we started our master bedroom makeover. It all started with us wanting to get carpet in before baby was here, as we had laminate floor that echoed our excited dogs “dancing” each morning when we began to stir. It woke up Roy quite a bit when he was little-little and sleeping [...]

DIY: Spring Colors Wall Art

Remember in the 80s, when fashion experts would ask what “season” you were? I remember this being a huge trend – identifying if you were a Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter and only buying clothes within your season’s palette. I found this set of cards at the thrift store one day, with a booklet to [...]

A Nursery Sneak Peek…

Some of the nursery details we’ve been working on… Curtains ala vintage sheets Building the crib Picking out a sweet little wardrobe (this onesie by Finn and Emma)

A Little Room Re-Do

A little room remodel took place this week in our living room! Inspiration started with the purchase of this amazing vintage couch – a find at the Royal Oak Garage Sale on my birthday last summer. 1970s, velvet, and ridiculously comfortable. Mirrors on the armrests?!? YES INDEED. I made the pillows myself, out of the [...]

Welcome Home – Our Living Room

I LOVE our living room! It is full of family items, vintage and handmade treasures and is a quiet little sanctuary to read in, or play with Roy. I am particularly proud of a lot of thrift finds in here, and the history behind so much of it. I found this vintage white leather couch shortly [...]

Welcome Home – Our Bedroom

So many people have asked to see pictures of our new home since we’ve moved, and I’ve been waiting because we’re still putting rooms together, unpacking and slowly decorating even a few months later. But then I realized today that it was literally years before we were totally settled in and done remodeling our last [...]