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Changes Coming to Reware Vintage…

I’ve spent the last few weeks adjusting to having another (completely adorable) member in our family, changing both my work and our family’s personal schedule, and came to a necessary conclusion. Basically, some things have GOT to give. At least for now. So at this time, I will be cutting back on some of my [...]

1,000 Blog Posts!

I realized today that I wrote my 1,000th blog post last week. What a milestone! I can hardly believe it, though I wrote my first post all the way back in October of 2005. Since writing that first post, I really feel like I’ve grown in so many ways. Of course we grew as a [...]

Business for People Who Hate Business

I am really excited to announce that there will be a second edition of my class “Business for People Who Hate Business”, hosted by my friends at Small Craft inside the Trumbellplex in Detroit, on October 13th from 2-6 pm. The class is just $5, and I am happy to talk about all aspects of [...]

My Twitter-versary!

Today is the four year anniversary of the day I joined Twitter! Twitter is by far my favorite of all social media stuff, and I’m really glad Dan convinced me to join so long ago. I use it to share pictures of our family & thrift finds, what music, blogs & styles I’m enjoying at [...]

Reware Redesign Nerd Crap Revealed!

Since we spent so much time making sure the new Reware site was the best it could be, Beth asked me to spend a few posts over the next couple weeks going through some of the decisions we made and tools I used building it. Here’s the first one, with an overview of the front-end [...]

Welcome to the New Reware Vintage!

Looking at our RSS feed or reading on Facebook? Get on over here and check this out! Welcome to the new site! Take a look around – there’s a lot of big changes here! The blog and the shop are together now, practically holding hands here on the home page. Look down below – there’s [...]

New Store – Salty Not Sweet!

I’m super excited to announce that my Record Notebooks and Jewelry are now being carried at Salty Not Sweet in Cleveland! Salty Not Sweet is owned by my friend and hilarious mom/wife Candra Squire and is full of awesome handmade and vintage items that you should be checking out. They just had a grand re-opening [...]

New Blog Post Themes!

I’ve been in a bit of a mental block the last couple days of things to write about in this blog, but then I had an idea today…themed days of the week! I think this will better motivate me to write more fun, interesting and better blog posts. Here’s what I was thinking - Mondays [...]

Boycott Urban Outfitters!

Please join me in boycotting Urban Outfitters as they add to their long list of stolen ideas from independent businesses! I already have been for years after hearing about their unethical behavior…never thought I’d be added to that list myself, though.

In the mood…

I’m in the mood for a spring cleaning! This morning I marked 30 new items down and moved them into the clearance section of our site! Shirts, dresses, skirts and lots of other men’s and women’s vintage clothing and accessories are starting at $3! Check it out here!