“Mix Tape” Archive

Mix Tape March

At the Moment: Spring is here (well, kind of). Temps are in the 50s a lot of days here in Michigan, and I couldn’t be happier. Bring on the sun & heat! Opening day for the Detroit Tigers has happened, and I’ve been shooting warm weather clothes & lots of T shirts, so now I’m [...]

Mix Tape January/February

At the Moment: January I recovered from the busy holiday season, and started making all sorts of plans or 2018! It’s gonna be a great year. Now that temps are rising I am so excited to be taking pictures of new apparel and tons more T shirts for spring, and I am extra energized from [...]

Mix Tape November-December

At the Moment: Detroit Urban Craft Fair happened and it was magical. The weekend was so fantastic and busy and full of wonderful people, both makers and shoppers. Thank you to all 8500 people who were there to shop local and to everyone who participated, to the Masonic Temple and our staff & volunteers for [...]

Mix Tape October

At the Moment: I was so excited to run my first marathon relay with a great team of friends. Our team name was Reservoir Jogs, and we tackled the Detroit Marathon together. I got to run the first leg, running over the Ambassador Bridge from Detroit into Canada and it was a beautiful run, watching [...]

Mix Tape September

At the Moment: September is my favorite month of festivals – and I am happy to say I didn’t sell at a single one! I really enjoyed taking the whole family to Dally in the Alley, DIY Street Fair and Dlectricity + Dan and I had a date night at Eastern Market After Dark. They [...]

Mix Tape August

At the Moment: It’s the last full month of summer, and we’ve been packing ALL the summer things in – trips to the pool, trips to the water park, watching baseball, hangouts with pals at the park, road trips to other zoos, and hiking in the woods. Oh, and one more thing to pack in [...]

Mix Tape July

At the Moment: July was a fun month – we celebrating Dan’s Birthday & my birthday, went to a couple concerts, and the kids and I had a few “field trips” as they call them. It was the best timing ever – Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, which happens to be a favorite of mine (especially [...]

Mix Tape June

At the Moment: June started with a bang – Roy’s Jurassic Park birthday party! We rented a bounce house and he & his friends had a total blast. School is officially out for summer so we are enjoying more time together and working out our new schedules for work, sleep and play. We went to [...]

Mix Tape May

At the Moment: It’s been pretty busy around here…hence this post is a couple days late! What have we been up to? Well, our family took a trip to Chicago – It was Roy & Della’s first time there, and they had a total blast. A post coming on that soon! Also – Dan and [...]

Mix Tape April

At the Moment: Della just turned 4 years old and had a really fun Moana birthday party, and Moana came herself! She’s now more obsessed than ever with the movie (not complaining AT ALL). It was a blast! Roy has started T ball and loves it, and is excited for his own birthday party coming [...]