“Lost and Found” Archive

Tennis, Anyone?

Sometimes I check out the local thrift and find a deadstock vintage T shirt, cardigan or dress. Exciting! Sometimes I check out the local thrift and find stacks of deadstock vintage Tennis ribbon. Not so exciting.

Mr. T’s Water War

I’m confident that Mr. T just let his name & face go on pretty much anything anyone ever thought of, right? I pity the fool who gets in a water war with Mr. T!

Lost and Found: Fisher Price Kitchen Sink

Yesterday I made a quick thrift trip and discovered that someone had just donated what seemed to be an entire 1980s Toys R Us there. SO MUCH VINTAGE KIDS STUFF. I restrained myself & Della, and left with just some vintage sheets for her room and a set of flash cards, leaving all the other [...]

More Record Album Design Inspiration

After I posted my favorite Record Album designs a couple weeks ago, my friend Lindsy sent me a couple of her favorites, and I had to share! Aren’t they great? I’d love to see yours too! Email me your album pics at bethany@rewarevintage.com

Vintage Record Album Design Inspiration

We all love records and record artwork, but do you ever look at records as design inspiration? I love looking through bins and boxes for great color combinations, typography and design elements. Here are a few of my favorites right now: Got any album inspiration lately? Send me pics, I’d love to see!

Doggie in the Window Painting

I’d like to think the artist called this one “Our dog whined for hours at the window while I sat outside and painted”.