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Happy Birthday, Micky Dolenz!

Hey Hey, it’s Micky Dolenz’s birthday! As a huge Monkees fan since I was just a kid, I’ll be celebrating in my fave vintage Monkees T shirt today. Micky was always my favorite Monkee, though I love them all of course! I’m grateful to have seen The Monkees in concert a few times. Have you [...]

Happy Birthday, Levi Strauss!

It’s Levi Strauss’s birthday today – if the man were alive today, he would be 189 years old. Obviously he isn’t, but I’m so very grateful that the company that shares his name is still with us. When I first started selling vintage clothing back in 1998, there were two things I specialized in – [...]

Happy Holidays!

Christmas is almost here, and I’m finishing the decorating, making our menu for Christmas dinner, getting the last stocking stuffers and hopefully I’ll be wrapping the presents to go under our tree before 11pm on Christmas eve (highly unlikely, though). From our family to yours, I hope you all have a wonderful holiday full of [...]

I’m Obsessed with the Vintage Clothing on Stranger Things Season 2

Stranger Things Season One had me looking out for vintage Polly Flinders dresses even more than I was before. But Season 2′s wardrobe design has got me really swooning! The T shirts. The Health Tex clothes. The mesh baseball caps. The great plaid shirts. Nancy Wheeler’s Sweaters. There are SO many great ones. Max’s track [...]

2013′s Favorite Posts

The end of the year is almost here, and I thought I’d reshare some of my favorite posts, projects and moments of 2013 from the blog! My very favorite, of course Welcome, Della Louise! and the others: 22 Weeks Pregnant (at Lish and Nick’s wedding!) DIY Handmade Kitchen Towels

Our Favorite Summer Albums

I don’t know about you, but as soon as the temperatures start rising, my playlist changes. I’ve suddenly got the urge to overhaul the music I listen to, as if the appearance of the sun somehow flips a switch in my head. The other night Dan and I were debating the best summer albums (really, [...]

Happy Birthday, Roy!

It’s my little man’s birthday today! Hard to believe he is already two years old, but I spent this week looking back through my pictures of him the past year, and it is incredible how much he has grown!

Garden Planning and Planting

This weekend I am working in our vegetable and herb garden! This will be our fourth year with a garden, and I’m hoping this will be our best producing garden yet. Thanks to some advice from gardening friends and a very helpful book, “Carrots Love Tomatoes” by Louise Riotte, I planned it all out last [...]

Liquid Screen Designs Kickstarter

I’ve had a number of people over the years make customer requests for Hypercolor T shirts. I know you remember those shirts – they changed from purple to pink, green to yellow, or blue to white with heat. People were constantly, awkwardly putting their hands on other people’s chests to see how it worked. There [...]

My Favorite Craft Tools

Originally posted on the Handmade Detroit blog, where each of the members of Handmade Detroit are talking about their favorite craft tools in celebration of National Craft Month. To read each of our posts throughout the month, visit handmade.detroit.com It’s my turn to talk about my favorite craft tools! And just like Lish in her [...]