“Baby Nixon” Archive

One Year Old

Della Louise is one year old! We celebrated with a day at the zoo and Della’s first bath in the big bath tub, an extra long time because that is her absolute favorite thing in the world (besides her brother). I thought I’d celebrate on the blog with a few of my favorite pictures from [...]

11 Months Old

She’s nearly a year, and I can’t believe it. How did this happen, and so quickly? Each month seems to pass quicker than the month before. Della Loves: Walking with a hand to help (anyone’s hand will do) Being outside (yay, baby-friendly temps!) Every toy that Roy plays with Cheese Home Depot Car Carts and [...]

Ten Months Old

Della is ten months old now, and having a ball. She’s walking everywhere she can with a little help from her push cart, the furniture, or anyone that will hold her hands. She now says mama and dada, and loves playing with Roy, no matter what he is doing. They have a lot of fun [...]

South Carolina

Despite our travel difficulties and our getting majorly sick, we had a really nice first couple of days of our vacation in South Carolina visiting our dear friends. We ran, shopped, explored, ate some awesome BBQ and duck fat fries, skateboarded, celebrated and relaxed in the sunshine.

Nine Months Old

This past month was a very busy one for Della! She got her first two teeth, began crawling, said her first word – Mama, and is eating table food with the family now. She loves walking with some hand-holding help, pulling mountains of books out of our bookshelf, and dancing in her high chair while [...]

Eight Months Old

Della had a lot of fun on her very first Christmas. She especially loved every single thing that her brother got! She is SO close to crawling – any day now. Actually, technically, I guess she is already crawling…backwards. But we aren’t counting it yet, because she obviously isn’t trying to go that way (and [...]

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from our family to you and yours! Have a wonderful holiday!