Mix Tape March

At the Moment:
Spring is here (well, kind of). Temps are in the 50s a lot of days here in Michigan, and I couldn’t be happier. Bring on the sun & heat! Opening day for the Detroit Tigers has happened, and I’ve been shooting warm weather clothes & lots of T shirts, so now I’m just waiting rather impatiently until it is warm enough for me to open all the windows of my home. If you have been dying for more sunlight, I hope you are getting yours soon too!

I took a really fun class weaving class at The Guest Room, taught by Allison of Makers + Finders. Almost finished up my first weaving and ready moving onto my second!

We’ve been working on redesigning all our packaging & paper stuffs lately. I know it doesn’t sound very exciting, but it really is for me! We’ve got brand new tags and notecards made & are now working on new packaging for all my jewelry. Can’t wait to finish that up and send all the stores that carry my handmade goods a refresh!

Listening to:
The Breeders new album, En Vogue, Jackson 5, Sublime, Protomartyr¬† (I know, I know…I say Protomartyr pretty much every month), Rolling Stones, Curve, and Rockabye Baby’s Depeche Mode album (on purple vinyl!!!). I also loved the Adam Ruins Everything podcast on Femicom and the Value of Preserving Classic ‘Girl’ Video Games – it opened my eyes to so many things I had felt & experienced growing up with video games that I had never really thought about!

Della’s fav song (because she is a music obsessed kid): The whole Bebel Gilberto debut album. Thanks to the Dear Handmade Life podcast for reminding me of that album in a recent post! Della loves it and asks for it when we get in the car now.

Shopping and Drooling Over:
These tiny planters made from Oui yogurt containers. I love this yogurt & have already been saving my jars to use for tea lights…now I have another use for them!

If you like the Rock & Roll Tarot Notebooks, but would rather have a print, you are in luck! Jeff of Subversive Image is now printing the Rock & Roll Tarot artwork to adorn your walls too.

and Other Things I’m Loving Right Now:
Record shopping with Roy, The start of the last season of the Americans (though I’m sad this is the last season), deep cleaning my workspace for 2 solid days, helping Della’s class paint T shirts, watching Little Shop of Horrors on Amazon Prime, running in the rain cause it is better than snow, and thinking about all the things I want to plant in our gardens this year.

Looking Forward to:
A vacation coming up for our family, traveling out to Chicago to sell at the first Vintage Garage Chicago of 2018, and celebrating Della’s birthday! April is gonna be a super fun month.