Happy Birthday, Levi Strauss!

It’s Levi Strauss’s birthday today – if the man were alive today, he would be 189 years old. Obviously he isn’t, but I’m so very grateful that the company that shares his name is still with us.

When I first started selling vintage clothing back in 1998, there were two things I specialized in – vintage Levis and vintage T shirts. I’m still very much in love with both today, and both happen to be some of my favorite things to collect.

I won’t share my vintage Levi’s denim collection today, but I did want to share a few favorite vintage non-jeans items from each member of our family with you. I love my Levi’s jeans, but I really have a weird fascination with their vintage apparel and licensed items from the 70s and 80s.

These are faves from both of my kids and Dan & I – loving Levi’s is a family thing here! The clothing here ranges from the 1960s to the 1990s, and all of it I’ve picked up from thrifts, garage sales and estate sales. The only exception is that book in the middle, which is one of my most prized books – This is a Pair of Levi’s Jeans. Written by Lynn Downey, the former historian for Levis,  with Jill Novack Lynch and Kathleen McDonough, this book is full of fantastic pictures and information on the Levi’s brand over the years. It was published in 1995 and has been out of print for years, but if you have the opportunity to get one I highly recommend it. Currently the price is down to 1/4 of what it was at 10 years ago when I got mine, so it seems a good time to grab a copy.

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