Happy Birthday, Dolly!

It is Dolly Parton’s birthday today, and she is now 72 years young! Normally, I’d show you all things Dolly on the site right now, but all of the Dolly notebooks & embroideries that I had in the shop sold out during the holiday season. So here instead is one of my favorite pictures of Dolly, taken by David Gahr, who took many of Dolly’s most iconic pictures. This picture is in the 1978 “Year in Music”, published by Columbia House (on a sidenote, the Year in Music series of books is fascinating to read, if you see any definitely pick them up!)

There are lots of great Dolly quotes out there, but here’s one from the same book that I love:

“Lately, I’ve found such happiness and new inspiration in being able to have the freedom to do what is so totally me.”

Thanks for being totally you & so inspirational to me, Dolly!