Mix Tape November-December

At the Moment:
Detroit Urban Craft Fair happened and it was magical. The weekend was so fantastic and busy and full of wonderful people, both makers and shoppers. Thank you to all 8500 people who were there to shop local and to everyone who participated, to the Masonic Temple and our staff & volunteers for all their hard work, and especially to Carey who is the best partner in Handmade Detroit.

Other incredible things happened too – Della is reading! It just happened one day – she started telling us words in new books, and then one night she sounded out the back of Roy’s T shirt, and then was reading me a magazine a few days later. What a girl! Roy lost another tooth and is completely obsessed with the skateboard he just got for Christmas. The holidays were wonderful for us, and very relaxing. I even got to take a day and go on a buying trip just for fun for the site.

For the holiday season I made over 600 notebooks, 200 pairs of earrings and a few dozen necklaces in November & December. It was a whirlwind of making in the studio, and I totally loved it! We also made dozens of jars of sauerkraut, and I made a banner and blankets for a very special baby shower. Dan made the best thing, though – a new fireplace for our house! It’s absolutely beautiful.

I can’t wait to continue with all this creativity through the winter!

Listening to: 
Antibalas and Thee Oh Sees have been on heavy rotation, and I’m still hooked on Beck’s Colors.

Della’s fav song of the month (because she is a music obsessed kid): Rainbow Connection from the Muppet Movie Soundtrack. We bought Roy a copy on vinyl, and they’ve been listening to it non-stop since Christmas in his room.

Shopping and Drooling Over:
Most of my shopping the last two months was for gifts. This year, I tried to buy most of our Christmas gifts from local artists/makers and local stores. I did a lot of shopping at Detroit Urban Craft Fair, and also at Citybird, Eastern Market, PostNora, and Detroit Mercantile in Detroit. I grabbed more gifts at Rail & Anchor and Scout in Royal Oak, Brick and Mortar Modern General Store in Ypsilanti, and at Stormy Records in Dearborn too.

Peninsula’s New Michigan State Park line is SO GOOD.

Le Sportsac has a paint by number print and it is perfect.

and Other Things I’m Loving Right Now:
This post about wearing vintage from the Blondera, sledding, The Last Jedi, Kaleidoscope’s drinking chocolates, eating Christmas leftovers for days, taking 10 days *mostly* off work for Xmas break, getting two shirts checked off on my personal vintage T shirt bucket list, my new Christmas cactus, and getting back into schedule after taking a few weeks off of running.

Looking Forward to:
Starting the new year full of possibilities and plans for Reware Vintage and our family!