I’m Obsessed with the Vintage Clothing on Stranger Things Season 2

Stranger Things Season One had me looking out for vintage Polly Flinders dresses even more than I was before.

But Season 2′s wardrobe design has got me really swooning!

The T shirts. The Health Tex clothes. The mesh baseball caps. The great plaid shirts.

Nancy Wheeler’s Sweaters. There are SO many great ones.

Max’s track jacket.

There are so many shows I’ve loved the past few years for their vintage wardrobe & set design. The Americans. Fargo. The first few seasons of The Closer. Pan Am. I hear that Mad Man show had some great stuff, too ;)

But I feel an extra real kinship with Stranger Things. Maybe it’s because season 2 even came out I had already bought this for the shop, not knowing Dragon’s Lair would be in the first episode of the season.

Still available!

or because I had this jacket in the shop, just like Dustin’s jacket but with a hood instead of a collar.

Also Still Available!

We’ve only watched the first four episodes of season 2, so I’m sure there are more vintage wonders to be seen too.

I can’t wait to see them all.

Do you have a favorite outfit you’ve seen on Stranger Things? Tell me in the comments!