Introducing the “Rock & Roll Tarot Notebook” Collection!

I’m super excited to finally share with you this collaboration that my friend Jeff & I have been working on – a collection of Rock & Roll Tarot Notebooks! It’s been a secret project for months, and I hope you love it as much as we do.

Jeff is an old friend of ours & also happens to be a mega-talented artist, the man behind Subversive Image, working with linoleum block printing. He and I had this crazy idea a few months ago of reimagining the major arcana cards of the tarot with our favorite musicians, and making notebooks of them. We had a really fun night figuring out who all we would want in our deck, and my head was swimming from all the possibilities.

Joey Ramone as The Fool and Stevie Nicks as The High Priestess were the first two icons we made. Jeff designed them, and he pulled so many great elements from Joey’s style & Stevie’s album artwork – did you notice her boots and tambourine are from Bella Donna? I was thrilled to make them into books and start using mine.

Oh, and the backs of the notebooks! Jeff designed them to look like the back of the Rider-Waite Tarot, but with musical elements instead of the traditional art. I couldn’t love it more!

We pulled in more elements from the artists on our next two; have you caught them all yet? The Transparent Anatomical Mannikin from “In Utero” is now cupid – wearing the crown worn on cover of “Live Through This”, looking down on Kurt and Courtney (and the Space Needle). Of course, Courtney had to have a Bean in her belly.

Nick Cave is the Hanged Man in his classic black pants and dress shirt, unbuttoned halfway as he must. The cake for The Birthday Party can only be cut with a couple of bloody knives, right? And yes, he is hanging “Where the Wild Roses Grow”.

My favorite is all of them. Which one is yours? All four are now available to buy in the shop, and we’ll keep working on that list of the arcana in the future – stay tuned for more!!

And once more, BIG thanks to Jeff for collaborating on these books with me. If you’d like to see more of Jeff’s work, you can check out his Etsy shop, or follow him on Instagram at @subversiveimage.