Mix Tape August

At the Moment:
It’s the last full month of summer, and we’ve been packing ALL the summer things in – trips to the pool, trips to the water park, watching baseball, hangouts with pals at the park, road trips to other zoos, and hiking in the woods. Oh, and one more thing to pack in – selling at my last two summer festivals – DIYpsi and Heidelberg Project’s block party. Then I got to see my all time favorite band, Depeche Mode, on tour & it was INCREDIBLE, and watch Paul Frank give a presentation at The Henry Ford. Each of these things were really fun in their own ways, and I’m really gonna miss all the time together we get as a family & with our friends in the summer. Oh, and I almost forgot – Roy lost his first tooth, learned how to tie his own shoes & learned to ride his big kid bike all in the same week!

School starts again this week, and so does more time for me to work on the shop – which is very exciting! I’ve already been photographing new stuff for fall, and some has been appearing slowly…expect a lot more starting next week!

I made a custom David Bowie Record Embroidery for a friend, and worked a bit on knitting a hat for another friend. Unfortunately, one of my machines that I use for my handmade notebooks needed repair, but I’m happy to report it is all fixed and ready to go, so lots of notebooks are getting made in September, and more Record Jewelry too!

Listening to:
HAIM “Something to Tell You”, The Raveonettes “2016 Atomized”, Protomartyr, Tom Petty, Prince, Sloan, and LOTS of Depeche Mode for days before & after the concert. My favorite podcast of the month was Jon Cryer on My Favorite Album with Jeremy Dylan, talking about Radiohead’s “OK Computer” – I highly recommend!

Della’s fav song of the month (because she is a music obsessed kid):
I got Roy & Della an old Kids Incorporated record, and they both are obsessed with the covers of Phil Collins “Sussudio” and Carlos Santana’s “Say it Again”. Can’t say I’m stoked about hearing either one a dozen times over the course of a day, but at least they are listening to it on Roy’s record player in his room, lol.

Shopping and Drooling Over:
Pantone created a custom color in honor of Prince, and it is perfect! Kind of reminds me of this dress on the site…

Baby Teith made an adult version of their “All I Ever Wanted” shirt, so you know I had to get it.

and Other Things I’m Loving Right Now:
Learning origami with Roy, going back to school shopping, getting a ton of vintage Marvel cards from our friend Lindsy, running the Crim for the first time, seeing 100+ vintage cars at Berkley’s Cruisefest, playing at Legoland, and watching Roy & Della at soccer camp.

Looking Forward to:
School starting again, going to Dally in the Alley and DIY Street Fair, and putting dozens of new items on the site in the next few weeks – make sure to check back here often!