Family Style: Nick Cave Date Night

In case you can’t tell by my smile in this picture, I was beyond excited to see Nick Cave a few nights ago in Detroit at the Masonic Temple. If you haven’t seen him in concert yet, you really should – he performed for over 2 hours and is one of the most charismatic musicians I’ve ever seen (this is the second time I’ve seen him now). I was in awe watching him & the Bad Seeds, total awe.

My night out was so fun, made even better by what I was wearing…and what I wasn’t – a purse! This vintage dress I wore actually has a sewn-on little fanny pack, so no purse necessary! I also got to wear my favorite pair of vintage Dr Martens, and a leather choker gifted to me, both from the 90s.

I forgot to get a picture of Dan, or the kids before we left, so it’s not so much a “Family Style”, but I still wanted to show and tell. Here’s the deets:

Vintage 80s mini-dress with fanny packKitten Surprise at Vintage Garage Chicago
Vintage 90s Leather Choker – gift from a friend in the 90s (yes, I’ve kept it that long)
Vintage 90s Andy Warhol Dr. Martens – Baar Bazaar inside the Garden Bowl in Detroit, about 10 years ago