What We Kept Mini Post

I’ve been working hard buying and photographing a TON of new vintage coming to the site, but I wanted to give you a sneak peek at a few things I kept!

First, a Missoni for Target dress (2nd from left)! It’s not vintage, but I missed out on everything from this collection except a pair of shoes when it came out, and I’ve been hoping to find something at a thrift in my size ever since. It took years, but I finally did! The 70s striped T shirt and 70s striped sweater both came from a friend’s collection and I fell in love instantly when I tried them on.

That black dress? It’s my dream “show selling dress”. It’s comfortable. It’s black. I can wear almost any pair of shoes with it. Oh, and IT HAS A FANNY PACK ATTACHED. I just about fell over when I saw it, and then again when I tried it on and it fit. This dress was my treat to myself at the Vintage Garage Chicago show, from Kitten Surprise, who has a ton of great stuff over in her Etsy shop too!

Stay tuned for SO MUCH coming to the site! Want to know as soon as something new is in the shop? There’s something new nearly every day, and I post on Instagram as soon as it is live – follow me at @rewarevintage.