Mix Tape March

At the Moment:
March really came in like a lion as they say – we had a bad storm here and lost our power for 4 days. It was rough, but we had some awesome friends & family help us through it in different ways and when we finally got power back we sure appreciated it even more! Della had her last ballet class of the season & it was so fun to watch all the girls perform. Roy has gotten the Pokemon bug (I have no idea what he is talking about now) and Del got Moana fever all over again lol. I may have gotten it too – that movie is so great. Dan and I are training for our races coming up soon, and I am so happy to be running outside again now that the temps are above freezing.

Reware had a crazy great month with record breaking sales *thank you!* & a fun house call for buying. I debuted a big collection of vintage Sailor Moon items this week, and more T shirts and apparel for spring went in the shop in the last few weeks too. Just wait – there’s so much more coming next month, too!!

After a great response on some new pieces of record jewelry on Instagram, I’ve been making a bunch of new necklaces & earrings! They went out to a number of stores that carry them the past couple of weeks, and are going to go on the site in April! Head over to my Instagram to see some previews.

Listening to:
Depeche Mode AND Jesus & Mary Chain came out with new albums in March and I pretty much died and went to heaven. Also, Dan got me the reissue of Ben Folds Five’s “The Unauthorized Biography of Reinhold Messner” on vinyl – one of my favorite albums of all time. I got to see Jeff Rosenstock in concert and it was SO GOOD. It’s been a great month for music!

Della’s fav song of the month: How Far I’ll Go from Moana. I swear she sings this song to herself (and anyone else who will listen) 25 times a day, every day.

Shopping and Drooling Over:
I was so happy to get one of these shirts from my friend Marcy of All Things Grow. We have 11 prints of Marcy’s around our house, and now I get to even wear her work!

I had to get a pair of the Levi’s 505C jeans (in Patti finish, of course). They are sold out now of the pair I got, but they now have a bunch of new cuts & finishes. I love mine – the quality of the denim is awesome & they feel just like I remember jeans back in the 1980s.

and Other Things I’m Loving Right Now:
The fact that it is spring again, watching the line up of stars for Shermer Club grow & grow, Disney on Ice, going to a bunch of Pistons games now that we are about to wrap up the last season at the Palace of Auburn Hills, enjoying another float at Motor City Float, running outside again – woo!, yoga with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, taking the kids roller skating, getting a night out with some of my favorite crafty friends and getting ready for my first show of the year – Vintage Garage Chicago on April 23rd.

Looking Forward to:
American Gods premiering on Starz (rereading the book in anticipation!), a couple of trips coming up in April, and Della’s birthday!