What We Kept – The Return of the 90s

Have I ever told you guys the story of the Docs I’ve regretted not buying for the past 30 years? No? Well, it was a wondrous day when I walked into a TJ Maxx in 1995 and they had the Andy Warhol Doc Martens AND the snakeskin Docs there ON SALE. I only had enough money for one, and of course it had to be the Warhols. Now, I’ve never doubted that decision (as far as I’m concerned those are one of the best pairs of boots ever made), but I did wish that I could have gotten both.

And then, my friend Jeff found these. At a thrift. In my size. And texted me. Now, the love story is finally complete and we are happily reunited after all these years. THANK YOU JEFF!

Not nearly as dramatic, here is a Death T shirt that I have wanted for ages as well and while I never “wanted” a Party of Five soundtrack CD, I also can’t not buy it for 99 cents, so here it is.

I was so bummed when I went to get the 90s reissue Gap mock turtleneck tank and it was sold out in my size. Then I went thrifting the next evening, and BOOM, there is an original one, in black, and it fit! Can’t wait to wear it out when the temps rise. Next to that are two fantastic tanks from the 70s I grabbed for myself from a massive haul at a house call. Some of that collection is already on the site, and there is lots more coming soon. Stay tuned!

Hope you have had some good scores lately too! Got a vintage love story of your own to share? Tell me in the comments!