Mix Tape February

At the Moment:
February was awesome. First, I got to hang out with some of my favorite crafters and friends at the Midwest Craft Con! There were some awesome classes and fun crafty shenanigans, and I also spoke on the “Craft Show Confidential” panel. Then the kids had mid-winter break and we had a few really fun days together after I got home, including a mini-road trip to Toledo. Then the month ended with seeing The Mummies at Third Man Records. It was a phenomenal show, and I was so glad to finally see them live.

Reware bonuses to the month: This was the month for the return of the WCSX Rock Swap, and it was another stellar time. I loved talking music all day to people & oh yeah, I sold a bunch of T shirts too. Also, in case you missed it earlier – we are now offering First Class Shipping on the site, and I’m so glad to see you guys taking advantage of that & saving you some money with that.

I knit a hat for me & for Della, and have started on one for Roy now too. It’s been many years since I knit anything, so I’m really enjoying getting back into it again in the evenings.

Listening to:
Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam, Camper Van Beethoven, David Bowie, Justin Timberlake, and the new Depeche Mode single – “Where’s the Revolution” over and over and over.

Della’s fav song of the month:
Jeff Rosenstock “Festival Song” – I’m on board with this one. It’s a damn good song.

Shopping and Drooling Over:
I got this super cute retro beach umbrella patterned swim suit on Amazon of all places, and this incredible solar system dress from Modcloth and I love them both SO much!

Have you seen the Gap 90s Archive Re-issue line?!? I stared at it for days. Then I decided what I wanted and it was sold out in my size, insert sad emoji here.

I was so happy to stop by Handmade Toledo while we were in town to visit the Toledo Zoo and do a little shopping for the kids & I – and we got to visit my friend Lindsy there too! If you live nearby and haven’t been yet, I highly recommend.

Finally, this Christian Siriano T shirt. A must get for me!

and Other Things I’m Loving Right Now:
Having a date night on the 19th anniversary of the night Dan & I met, visiting the Toledo Zoo for the first time, my new record shelf from my friend Stephen at October Academy, volunteering at a local soup kitchen with my friends, Motor City Float making me feel like a new person, watching every episode of The Americans again before the next season starts up, and catching up on some reading lately.

Looking Forward to:
Depeche Mode’s new album coming out on March 17th – they are my all time favorite band, so a new album is always a big treat!