Mix Tape November & December

November was SO crazy that I never even got to write a Mix Tape post for that month – my first missed one ever. So here’s a two month recap!

At the Moment:
The holiday season was a total whirlwind. Our family was busy with holiday happenings, family parties and hosting Christmas in our home. We’ve been enjoying winter & trying to do all the things – sledding, baking cookies & pies, lots of shopping for our loved ones, and warming up with hot chocolate and tea.

Detroit Urban Craft Fair was INCREDIBLE, and we had the best time. It is so much work, and we really have the most wonderful friends and HD family who help and make the weekend so inspiring and unforgettable. I can never thank everyone enough – there are just not enough words to explain what that weekend means to me, and Carey & I could not have done it without all of you guys (you know who you are!) It was again my favorite weekend of the whole year.

Reware Vintage had a record breaking holiday season, and a record breaking year. I couldn’t be happier about 2016 for this biz! Thanks to everyone who shopped with me on this site, in person and on EBay, and to my friends who help me in so many ways. Without you guys, this dream of mine wouldn’t be a reality and I’m beyond grateful for you all!

I made hundreds of notebooks and hundreds of Record Earrings these last couple months, and even snuck in some time for Record Embroideries. Roy & Della and I spent time after the busy holiday rush to craft, but I sadly never got to make anything for myself. It’s cool – I’ve got plans for January crafting.

Listening to:
SO much! The top plays were Solange “A Seat at the Table”, Jeff Rosenstock “Worry”, Nick Cave “Skeleton Tree”, Depeche Mode “Violator”, John Denver and the Muppets “A Christmas Together”, “A Very Special Christmas”, the Moana soundtrack, and The Raveonettes “Pe’ahi”.

Della’s fav song of the month: Jeff Rosenstock’s “Festival Song” – she makes us play it over and over and over again.

Shopping and Drooling Over:

I bought this Feminism shirt from Wicked Clothes and love it. I’d wear it even more than I already do, but Dan keeps borrowing it, lol.

Dang Argyle’s new Mix Tape print pouch. Got one for Xmas, and I am totally in love!

My friend Stephen Vincent is making these incredible spotlight record shelves, and I HAD to get one. Preorder one by January 8th, or miss out forever!

and Other Things I’m Loving Right Now:
teaching the kids about women’s suffrage at the Henry Ford Museum, the crazy awesome animal bicycles at the MOCAD, watching Ghostbusters Detroit get the Staypuff Marshmallow Man at DUCF, visiting Claylab Detroit’s new brick & mortar shop, Moana (seriously, this is the BEST Disney movie ever made. Go see it.), house calls with amazing shag carpeting, seeing the circus, sushi date nights, hosting dinner for 13 at our home, and watching our family open all their gifts on Christmas day.

Looking Forward to:
I can’t believe 2017 is nearly here, and I just can’t wait. I know it’s just a calendar change, but I feel like 2016 was a hard year for so many in different ways, including us, but I am full of hope for 2017. I am entering the next year with a renewed drive, a commitment to doing more, and also focus on taking caring for myself & raising our awesome kiddos. We also have lots of plans & work to do for this business and I can’t wait to watch it happen!