What We Kept – Fall Finds

This fall we’ve been on a big purge of our home & closets, but I’ve managed to add a bit as I sell a lot!

First, this incredible 1990s italian jacket to add to my red coat collection!

This vintage deadstock Pink Floyd baseball cap from their Division Bell tour. I went to the Detroit date of this tour, but don’t have my T shirt from it anymore, so this had to be a keeper.

I lucked out at an estate sale and found some great Love & Rockets and Sandman items, my two favorite comics from the 1990s.

and one NSFW crafty find after the jump…

I’ve seen pics of these over the years, but never found one myself. Was thrilled to score one finally, and this one was made by my friend’s mom back in the 80s! It sits on my desk and makes me smile each day.