What We Kept – Three Favorite Finds

It’s not a lot of finds, but 3 SERIOUSLY good ones we kept in the last couple months!

Roy randomly saw this belt while we were walking through a thrift shop trying to find a couch. He LOVED it, and the crazy thing is that when we showed Dan that evening he was just as excited because he had the exact same belt as a kid! What a sweet coincidence.

The kids have watched a bunch of Pee Wee’s Playhouse episodes this summer & then I found this shirt which is officially the best Pee Wee’s shirt I’ve ever seen. In Roy’s size!!! He gasped when I showed him it, and gave me the biggest hug. Let’s take a closer look at this most amazing print…


And this. I kind of have an addiction to bright red…well, anything I can wear, really. Coats, sweaters, T shirts…and now this perfectly fitting vintage trench coat. Come on, fall – get here already so I can wear this every day and be the brightest mom at drop-off for school!

While I’ve only got 3 things we kept, the shop has gotten TONS to sell! Check out what’s new in the shop, and stay tuned – there is so much more coming.