What We Kept – Finds from the 1930s – 1990s

It’s been a light on time out hunting for vintage lately, but I’ve still managed to score some great stuff for my closet & our home:

These 3 T shirts! A Ben Folds Five “Reinhold Messner” tour T shirt has been on my wish list for so long, so I was thrilled to find one in a collection I bought recently, along with an old Curve T shirt and the first new-to-me Damned T shirt I’ve had in over a decade (you can see the other two I have here and here)

A HUGE 70s wall hanging, with a note attached that it was handmade & bought at a market in Nepal. Currently hanging in my workspace.

What are the odds that I’d thrift a large vintage Dansk pot in the same color as the smaller one we already have? I think it was fate.

A postcard from Belle Isle (Detroit’s HUGE island park), postmarked 1937, a postcard from Washington D.C. from the same era, and another Mackinac Bridge postcard to add to our stack of Mackinac postcards.

Not a lot of scores, but some fantastic finds I love!