Mix Tape July

At the Moment:
We’re enjoying the summer while it is still here – I can’t believe school starts in 6 weeks! We’ve spent this month at the beach, the fountains, the pool, a gazillion parks, the lake and in the sprinklers. I haven’t been this tan in years. Roy & Della got to go to their first movie in a theater, and I also got to take a mom’s weekend away with my BFF, which was pretty much the best weekend all year. Dan & I even had a date night with sushi and Terminator Genisys.

Reware Vintage had a small summer shop update, and many of my favorite items sold within hours of posting them. I loved spending the day with Goodwill at the YB Blue Pop-Up Shop at Eastern Market. We had a crazy weekend at the Mo Pop Festival in the Handmade Detroit Craft Bazaar – it was SO much fun! And finally, a two day buying trip that ended with a car FULL of clothes for the site and a bunch of treasures for our family, too.


An insane amount of new jewelry for the Mo Pop Fest, new minimalist displays (well, Dan made those), and new cards & notebooks too. A couple of new earrings are now in the shop, more jewelry to come in August!

Shopping and Drooling Over:

Adult Coloring. I love it. I got this 1990s book and this Midcentury Pattern one and have really enjoyed coloring them in my spare moments! Highly recommend!

Dr. Martens is now making kid versions of the sandals I love.

This Sailor Moon shirt. Nothing more needs to be said.

I finally gave in and got myself a new bathing suit, one that I’ve been swooning over on the Modcloth site for ages. And I completely love it! It is seriously flattering and totally comfortable. Thanks, Modcloth!

and Other Things I’m Loving Right Now:
Opening applications for Detroit Urban Craft Fair, binge watching Twin Peaks for the first time, visits from the Westons, orange sherbet cupcakes, massages, designing new packaging, planning out another couple family vacations, and hanging new art up on our walls.

Looking Forward to:
DIYpsi, Dan taking a well-deserved camping trip, and diving into a couple of new books in August!