DIY Big Eyes Inspired Felt Art

After a Handmade Detroit hangout to see Big Eyes, Carey & I both decided we needed to make our own Big Eyes inspired art!

I had a vision of making a “Big Eyes” from felt, and putting it in a kitschy vintage frame. The whole project didn’t take long once I’d found the perfect frame and art to put my own wooly-spin on.

I used tracing paper and some artistic interpretation to make my design.

Then traced each layer onto it’s own sheet to use as a stencil to cut out my felt.

I pinned each corner of the paper onto the felt, and cut both the paper and felt all out at once.

Then I used some spray adhesive to assemble it all together before putting it in my thrifted frame.

I couldn’t decide on whether to give her the white of the eyes, but a quick friend poll was unanimously in favor of it. I love it when my friends can make these *really important* decisions for me.

I just love it! It’s the perfect blend of crafty and creepy for my workshop wall. Added bonus: this cost me about $5 to make.

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