Mix Tape June


Lots and lots of Record Notebooks. Have you seen all the new ones yet?

I’ve been working on a secret project, and am really happy with how it is turning out. Show and Tell soon!

Listening to:

I’m pretty infatuated with Lana Del Ray’s “Ultraviolent”.

Shopping and Drooling Over:

I’m in love with the new Charley Harper knits collection for Birch Fabrics!

Love this 21 Ways to Wear Vintage T Shirts by Stylecaster.


My Dad was in a Band is my kind of blog! Seriously interesting and entertaining.

Carrie wrote a very helpful and realistic post called “Productivity Creepin’: Tips for Working from Home with Children.” Good advice and reminders for all WAHMs!

Loved reading this story about how breastfeeding is embraced in Mongolian culture. I hope the United States will someday do more than “accept”!


The new Sailor Moon series trailer was released and I love it! Psst…I have a whole collection of almost-vintage Sailor Moon goods coming to the shop soon!

This video of what different tree trunks sound like when they are played like records is just awesome.

I know it is years later, but I just watched Fantastic Mr. Fox, and thought it was awesome.

And other stuff I’ve been loving lately:

Being included in the Metrotimes “8 Awesome Local Online-Only Shops”!

I saw The Monkees in concert and it was SPECTACULAR. You can read a great post about it here, by the Detroit News.

This 30 Day Creative Business Cleanse is genius, and I can’t wait to get started. Found via Hip Hip Handmade.

Pinning lots of inspiration for our remodel on Pinterest lately. Getting slightly less stressed out, more excited with every pin!

Taking yoga again, loads of play dates, trips to the Irish Hills, selling at Eastern Market and the Vintage Street Market, Beer Milkshakes, watching Della walking so well now, finding requests from friends, Vernor’s Slurpees, Record Shopping in weird places, my fantastic new Pterodactyl necklace from Claylab Detroit, celebrating 9 years of Reware Vintage and starting to run again!

Looking Forward to:

Going to the Warhol: Under the Covers at the exhibit at Cranbrook Art Museum. I had no idea he had designed so many! It will be there until March 15, 2015 for readers who live in Michigan.