DIY: Bright Nautical Potted Succulents

On my latest visit to Ikea, I spotted their Socker plant pots for just $1. I loved the bright colors, but wanted to cute them up a bit with a quick DIY. These bold colors made me think summer nauticals, and I had idea in mind right away! Have some old pails or planters in your home? This would be a great way to spruce those up too!

I picked up some braided cotton rope from our local hardware store. Other than pots and the rope, all I needed was our drill and hot glue gun. And of course, some plants, potting soil and pebbles for proper drainage.

First, we drilled 4 holes in the bottom of each pot.

Then I slowly wrapped the rope around each pot, hot gluing as I went. I wanted the ends of the rope to be hidden in the back, so I began and ended the wrapping at the back seam of the pail.

After I was done, I peeled off any hot glue that had leaked out the sides.

An inch of pebbles went into the bottom to help with drainage. Then I put in my succulents and filled in with more potting soil. Tip: shop your local farmer’s market for plants. I bought mine at Detroit’s Eastern Market for less than half what they sold for at our gardening store!

I made four for the ladies in our family for Mother’s Day.

And potted a succulent and a small spider plant for our house, too. I love how they turned out! I just may need to go back to Ikea for more now, and 10 other things I didn’t realize I needed.